Sudoku 99 Solver

This is a Sudoku 9 by 9 Solver, not the player. If you want to play Sudoku puzzle, then you can find many sites from Google. The Sudoku player knows the answer first, then wipes out some numbers for you to play. The Sudoku solver doesn't know the answer, but it can figure out the puzzle.

The Sudoku 99 Solver can help you to find the solution for Sudoku game. It can solve the Evil Hard Sudoku puzzles provided by That means this is a good tool for you, If you are doing the Sudoku contest.

Please don't abuse this tool by entering random numbers, which might cause a traffic jam for everybody. There is a little bit limitation for this web version of Sudoku 99 Solver.

Please verify the numbers in the puzzle before clicking the Find Solution button.


Please report the error to by providing the input puzzle. It's nice to send us the answer, if you know it.