Baby Gender Prediction - Predicts Baby Boy before Pregnancy

Many women wish that the next time they give birth, the baby would be a boy. Chinese Calendar can help woman to predict baby gender using their astrology birth chart before her pregnancy and conception. Our Chinese Calendar knows how to convert the birth chart into Five Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Using the Five-Element relationships between mother and son, we can help woman to increase the chance to have baby boy by selecting a baby birth year. We believe that this method is much accurate in choosing baby gender than the Baby Gender Statistics Chart.

The following method to find a baby boy here applies only on women. Basically, we can find an element from the birth chart to represent the woman, then to find the element to represent her child. Five Elements are distinguished by Yin (female) and Yang (male). If the element of the mother is Yin, then the element of the son is Yang and vice versa.

After knowing the element of the son, we can search the years that contain the element. If the year contains the element of the son, then the woman has a chance to have a baby boy in that year.

  Find the element sign of the son from the astrology birth chart

  Check the element sign of the son in a certain year

  Search the months that contain the element sign of a son to increase the chance to have a baby boy

There are other factors to determine the baby gender. For example, the Five Elements in the Major cycle, the Elements Relationships and the Animals Relationships might change the result of a baby gender. However, the accuracy of this simple baby gender prediction is much higher than the Chinese Baby Gender Statistic Chart.

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