Baby Toy Baby Bedroom Feng Shui Selection

How to Choose Baby Bedroom - Simple Feng Shui Application

There are two types of people in Chinese Feng Shui World. One is called the Eastern Type East 4. The other is called the Western Type West 4. The Eastern Type people have four lucky directions - East,  Southeast, South and North. The Western Type people have four lucky directions - West, Northwest, Northeast and Southwest. The lucky places for each type's people are the area from the center point of their house toward their lucky directions.

If you divide your house into 8 sectors from the center point, you can see the Green area are the lucky places for the Eastern Type East 4 people and the Yellow area are the lucky area for the Western Type West 4people. So, the best bedroom for a baby should be located in its lucky places. While it's sleeping in the bed, the head of the baby needs to face to one of its lucky direction.

To find your baby's lucky places and directions, please click here!

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