2023 Chinese Zodiac of the Water Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac Year of Black Water Rabbit

2023 is the 4720th Chinese Year. 2023 Chinese New Year Day is on January 22, 2023. Chinese Year of Rabbit begins on February 4, 2023, according to the Chinese Astrology Calendar. 2023 is the Year of Water Rabbit. Water is connected to the color black. Therefore, 2023 is also called the Year of the Black Rabbit.

Chinese Astrology is a system of Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. The Rabbit of 2023 is in the Wood group. The element of the Water is the Mother Element of Wood. Since Water helps Wood (Trees) to grow, 2023 is a strong Wood Year. The Water of 2023 is Yin Water, which is connected to a rain. If Wood is your Lucky Element, then 2023 will be a great year for you.

Before forecasting the fortune of the Water Rabbit, we need to study our Chinese Astrology Birth Chart first. We have to know what elements in the birth chart are good or bad to us. Then we check what elements are coming from Chinese zodiac signs and make a prediction.

Reveal Your Chinse Zodiac Birth Chart

Above is a Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart for a person born on June 30, 1948. The symbol of the upper row of the Day Column (a.k.a. Day Master) represents the person. So we can say Day Master is Male Fire, which represents this person.

It's required to have your birthday and birth time to get Your Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. For you to easily understand Chinese Astrology, we calculate the scores of Five Elements in the birth chart. The Chinese Astrology application tells your Lucky Element using the Yin-Yang Balance theory. The following are the Five-Element scores of the above birth chart.

The scores tell us that the birth chart has too much Fire and too little Metal. It needs more Metal to balance the Five Elements. Therefore, the Lucky Element is Metal.

2023 is the Yin-Water Rabbit year. The Yin-Water of 2023 and the Yang-Earth in the birth chart are attracted to each other and turn into Fire. The Wood of the Rabbit helps Fire too burn. Water is connected to the job, pressure, law, or police. That implies this person will have a money loss because of his job duty or law.

The Fortune of 2023 - Lucky Element vs. Day Master

Day Master is the element at the upper row symbol of the Day Column in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. The followings are the brief predictions about the events that may occur in 2023 based on their Day Master Element Type.

When Metal is your Day Master

2023 is a fair year to you. Metal is the mother element of Water. Mother will give all she has to her child. If you ask for help from Metal, Metal cannot have full energy to help you in 2023.

Rabbit is in the Wood group. 2023 of Rabbit is a fair year to you. Metal and Wood are opposite elements. They have a fighting relationship. The person who provides supports to you has a dispute with someone. The person doesn't have time to help you and guide you.

Water of 2023 is the child element of Metal. Water is something out of your Metal. It's your outlook, performance, speeches, and behaviors representing to the public. It's a sign of relaxation and freedom without restriction. Therefore, your social life will make you a little bit busier. You will have many opportunities to show your talent. People will talk about you. More than likely, taking care of such a busy life will consume your energy when you have many activities with people.

If Water is your Lucky Element, you will have a good mood, expression, and attitude when meeting people. You become popular in your peer group. You will earn good reputations from them. This could create money opportunities in the future. If Water is your Unlucky Element, you probably will have a bad temper with an arrogant attitude. People won't like your mannerisms and they will keep a distance from you and give you a negative reputation. This will impact your career development.

The Wood inside Rabbit is related to your wealth or finance. Rabbit brings you opportunities regarding money, property, and investment. It's time to review your financial plan. It's time to diligently study money investment.

When Water is your Day Master

Water of 2023 represents your siblings, friends, coworkers, partners, relatives, or peer. The 2023 events will be connected to them and spend most of their time with them. You will have more energy in social activities. If you own a business, then you will often work with your partners to compete with your opponents.

If Water is your Lucky Element, then you will get lots of courage and support from your siblings or friends. If you are doing business, then your friends or business partners will help you to bring in more income. If Water is your Unlucky Element, then your friends or relatives will bring you trouble. They might ask for a loan, or you may be forced to spend money on them.

Rabbit of 2023 contains mainly Wood. Wood is related to your children, outlook, words, and actions. You will feel free to happily express yourself in public. You have opportunities to show your talent to people. You will bring to build your reputation, which might bring you an extra fortune.

When Wood is your Day Master

Water of 2023 is the Mother Element of Wood. Therefore, Water of 2023 stands for your parents, mentors, elders, protection, teachers, knowledge, education, or medicine. You might think about visiting senior members in the family or the social group. You might think about your housing investment. You will spend more time learning knowledge. You will get lots of advice and helps at work. You might have to pay attention to your health.

People who care for you a lot will often be in contact with you in the year of Rabbit. If Water is your Lucky Element, then they will give you good support and a good reputation. You will earn a lot of knowledge from their experiences and advice. This will help your career development or money investment. But if Water is your Unlucky Element, then either they cannot give you good recommendations or you won't accept their opinions. This might result in bad decision making and you might lose career or money opportunities.

Rabbit contains mainly Wood which represents to your siblings, friends or peer. They will keep your social life busy. Competition or cooperation always exists in the peer group. Either competition or cooperation has chances to create a money opportunity. Only sincere friends bring you good fortune.

When Fire is your Day Master

Since Fire is afraid of Water, 2023 will bring you lots of pressure. Water represents your career, position, boss, teacher, police, or law. Your behaviors or activities will encounter some restrictions. The major event in 2023 is related to your job. Your job responsibilities will increase. You will be very busy in the office during the year 2023. This is a year of career opportunity.

Water of 2023 can extinguish the Fire. If Water is your Lucky Element, then you should be able to handle the pressures from the current position. You should accept the challenge for any promotion or other career opportunity. If Water is your Unlucky Element, then you might feel too much stress from work overload. You might encounter the problems from the undergoing project and have difficulty to find the solution. You will lose the confidence to face the career opportunity.

Rabbit contains mainly Wood. Wood is the Mother Element of Fire. Wood of 2023 is connected to your parents, elders, knowledge, or medicine. You will often meet people who care about you a lot and learn some wisdom from them. They might give you good advice and bring you an opportunity in career development. 2023 might be a time to take care of health.

When Earth is your Day Master

Water of 2023 is afraid of Earth. Water stands for money or wealth to Earth. You will deal with money, finance, and property in 2023, the year of Rabbit. Therefore the major event in 2023 will be related to your money and property management. You will spend more time planning for investment. You might think about how to increase the income, how to spend money on travel, vacation, and better material life.

If you have strong Water in your birth chart, then money opportunity is around you all year long. Your income, investment, and wealth will increase quickly. But if you have a weak Water in the birth chart, then money trouble will come to you soon. Therefore you shouldn't do any risky investments. You should not loan money to friends. It is also advisable to not loan money for investments, either. Otherwise, money opportunities will become debts.

Wood of 2023 can grow from the ground. The Wood inside the Rabbit represents your career. Wood is related to your job, career, supervisor, or rules. Rabbit of 2023 will bring you some pressure. You will have more job responsibilities. The schedule of undergoing project will be getting tight.

Five Elements Relationships vs. Yin Water of 2023

2023 is Female Black Water Rabbit year. Female Water has interrelationships between other Five Elements. The Rabbit has interrelationships among the Zodiac Animals. Those relationships could impact the results on the Chinese astrology prediction.

Male Earth and Female Water of 2023 have Stem Attraction Relationship of Fire. Therefore, if Fire is your lucky element and you have Male Earth in your birth chart, then 2023 will be your lucky and joyful year. If Male Earth is your Day Master, the upper low element of DAY column in the birth chart, then that's a good sign of love relationship. If you are single, then this is a good year to try a relationship. If you are single male and in love , then it's time to think about engagement or marriage. If you are married, then you have very good marriage life.

Chinese Zodiac Relationships vs. Rabbit of 2023

Rabbit is a romantic star in Chinese astrology. This implies a love event is coming. This is a good opportunity for people looking for love relationship. Dog and Rabbit of 2023 have Branch Attraction Relationship into Fire. It's a good sign for social, people and love relationships. If Dog is at Spouse Palace, the lower row of the DAY column in the birth chart, then that's a very good sign for engagement or marriage. If Fire is your lucky element, then the relationship will bring you good luck in 2023. If Fire is related to the job, then your good luck in career. If Fire is related to money, then that is the prosperity sign.

Chicken and Rabbit have conflict in relationship. This is a sign of dishonor or broken promise. It's a bad sign for love affair, health and worrisome. It might involve travel or relocation. Female Earth and Female Water have another fighting relationship, which implies poor people relationship. If Female Earth is found in the Year Column or Day Column of your birth chart, then this is the case of a Double Stem-Branch Fighting Relationship. This is a bad sign of instability, accident, separation, dispute, hostility and poor health. This type of people should use a conservative attitude and approach to avoid any dispute, quarrel and challenges in 2023.

If both Sheep and Pig are found in your birth chart or current 10-Year Major Cycle, then Sheep, Pig and Rabbit group into a very powerful Wood combination. If Wood is your lucky element, then you will have a extremely good luck in 2023. If Male Wood or Female Wood is also found in birth chart or 10-Year Major Cycle, then 2023 will become one of your best years in your life. Year of Rabbit could bring you an unexpected big surprise.

If both Tiger and Dragon are found in your birth chart or current 10-Year Major Cycle, then Tiger , Dragon and Rabbit together form the strongest Wood combination. 2023 will be a wonderful year for people whose luck element is Wood. If Male Wood or Female Wood is also found in birth chart, then 2023 will become your wonderful and memorable year.

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