2018 Chinese Astrology - Year of the Brown Dog

2018 is the 4715th Chinese Year. 2018 Chinese New Year Day is on February 16, 2018. Chinese Year of Dog begins on February 4, 2018 according to Chinese Astrology Calendar. 2018 is the Year of Earth Dog. Earth is connected to the color of brown. Therefore, 2018 is also called Year of Brown Dog.

2018 Brown Dog Year Chinese Astrology is a prediction theory using Yin-Yang Five Elements. The astrological birth chart built by Chinese Astrology Calendar is a combination chart of Yin-Yang Five Elements and 12 animals. Five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Twelve animal are Rat, Cow, Tiger, Dragon, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. All animal signs can be converted into Five Elements, Therefore, every birth chart has its own Five Element weights. Chinese Astrology use Yin Yang balance theory to predict people's fortune.

The Chinese astrology symbol for 2018 Brown Dog Year is EarthDogMale EarthDog. Before predicting your 2018 fortune regarding to your money, career, marriage or health, you have to know what Type of Element you are and what your Lucky Element is. The Lucky Element is the major factor to determine people's good fortune. 2018 is the Year of the Brown Dog, which contains Earth, little Fire and little Metal. If your Lucky Element is Earth or Fire, then 2018 will bring you some degree of fortune. The strongest element of 2018 is Earth. Therefore, people whose lucky element is Earth will get most benefits in 2018.

For details and an accurate predictions, the first step to know your fortune is to know which elements and animals are in your birth chart. You can find that information from the Chinese Astrology Lucky Element page using your birthday and birth time.

     Your Lucky Element     

The following is the example of the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart.

Chinese Horosocpe Birth Chart

The Birth Chart of June 30, 1948
Upper Row of Day Column (Day Master) represents the Person

Chinese Astrology Five Elements

Fire represents the person. This Birth Chart shows Fire-Type Person

This person was born on June 30, 1948. The symbol of the upper row of the Day Column (a.k.a. Day Master) represents the person. So we can say Day Master is Male Fire, which represents this person. The birth chart has too little Metal and needs more Metal to balance the Five Elements. Therefore, the Lucky Element is Metal.

2018 is the Male Earth Dog year. Dog mainly contains Male Earth with little Fire. Therefore, year of 2018 brings in a lot of Earth. The birth chart is full of Earth and Fire. Earth is one of the unlucky elements. Earth represents the bad reputation. Too much Earth could make Water disappear. Water stands for the job. That implies this person could lose his job since the bad attitude and bad reputation. Too much Earth can cover the Lucky Element Metal. Metal stands for the money. That's not a good sign for money luck.

    Fortunes by Lucky Element and Day Master Type     

The Male Earth of 2018 is connected to the mountain. The Dog of 2018 is also the Male Earth. That means 2018 is a mountain over mountain. That's the year of strong Earth. Basically, people whose lucky element is Earth will have very good luck. People whose lucky element is Water or Wood won't have a great year.

2018 is related to mountains. When we open our door to go out in 2008, the first sight into our eyes is the mountains. That implies something might block our way. You have to calm down to think a better way to bypass it. We also can say 2018 is a Mountain Dog year. Mountain Dog could be a wild dog. When we meet it, we had better go around it for the sake of our safety.

Earth is connected to real estate. If your lucky element is Earth, then invest real estate during 2018 should be a good idea. If the Earth is your unlucky element, then you might move into a wrong Feng Shui house or relocate to a wrong place.

     Fortune and Lucky Element      

The followings show people's luck in 2018 based on their Luck Element.

Luck Element is Metal

Your luck is good but not too great. 2018 is the Earth Dog year. Earth is the mother element of Metal. Earth will fully support Metal, which is a very good sign. But Dog is connected to the mountain. Earth comes too strong in 2018 and will give too much protection over Metal. The sign becomes Metal is covered by the Earth and people cannot see the Metal. If you have some Water in your birth chart, then Water can flash some Earth away, and then people can find the Metal. In this case, you will have very good luck in 2018.

Lucky Element is Water

2018 will bring lots of Earth into your birth chart. Earth can absorb Water quickly. That is not a sign for your luck. The Earth of 2018 is connected to mountains. Even you have some Water in the 10-year Major Cycle, mountains can make water disappear. However, if you have some Metal in your birth chart, the Metal will protect you from attacking by the Earth. Metal is the mother element of the Water. Metal can be a container as a home for the Water. Metal is the child element of the Earth. Earth will put its energy for its child, Metal, first. Then Earth won't hurt its grandchild, Water. In this case, your luck of 2018 becomes good.

Lucky Element is Wood

Wood is not afraid of the Earth. But the Earth of 2018 is coming too strong. Your luck becomes average. Wood (tree) needs water to grow. If Earth is too thick, then Wood has the difficulty to find the water under the ground. Unless Wood (tree) has the deep root. That means if you can find Tiger or Rabbit in your birth chart, then you won't be afraid too much Earth in the 2018.

Lucky Element is Fire

You have a fair luck. Fire is the mother element of Earth. Fire will release all energy to Earth and will become weaker. It sounds that is not too good. But 2018 is the Male Earth Dog. Dog itself is Male Earth too. Male Earth is related to the dry soil, which can reserve the heat of Fire. Also, the nickname of Dog is the Fire Pit. That means the Dog can keep Fire alive longer. Therefore, your luck is still okay in 2018.

Lucky Element is Earth

2018 is the Earth Dog year. The Earth will come toward you very strong. Therefore, your luck will be very good in 2018. If Earth is related to your money, then you will have very good income. If Earth is your career, then you will enjoy your job or have a promotion. Basically, you will have good news from money, career, reputation, love or health.

     Fortune and Day Master Type     

The following table informs people's what event may occur in 2018 based on their Day Master Element Type. Day Master is the upper row symbol in the Day Column of the Birth Chart.

When Metal is your Day Master

2018 is the Male Earth Dog year. Earth is the Mother Element of Metal. Therefore, Male Earth of 2018 stands for your parents, elders, protection, knowledge, education or medicine. During the Dog year, you will often contact elders or persons who care you. Or you will spend more time in learning knowledge. Or you will pay attention to your health. Or you will think about your housing investment. Or you feel lots of advice and helps at work.

The Dog is Male Earth too. Male Earth is dry soil, mound, tall wall or mountains. If too much Earth covers the Metal, people cannot see your existence. That also implies you are over-protected. You will become lazy to do the social activities and outdoor sports.

Earth also represents your reputation. Basically, many people protecting you will give you good reputation. Those people might take care lots of your responsible business. You will lose the opportunity to train yourself to be a more skillful person. For example, you will have less job pressure with someone's help in the office. But you will lose the opportunity for a promotion. Or you have a making money opportunity, but they took away that opportunity from you.

The major events of 2018 will involve your reputation, housing, education, health and long-term investment.

When Water is your Day Master

The Dog is Male Earth. 2018 is a very strong Male Earth year. Since Water is afraid of Earth, 2018 will bring you lots of pressure. Earth represents your career. You will be very busy in the office during 2018. Either you will encounter the problem from the undergoing project or you might feel the stress from work overload.

The Dog is connected to the mountain. When river water flows toward the mountain, Water needs to change its course to bypass the mountain, to find the way out and see the new world. In Chinese astrology, Water is related to wisdom. That implies you need to use your wisdom to solve the problem when something troubling you during the cycle of Dog.

Too much Earth can completely absorb Water and make Water disappear. 2018 have very strong dry earth; it could impact your health. To protect your health, you have to look for the help from Metal. This is because that Metal is the Mother Element of Water (you) and is the Child Element of Earth. Earth will pass its energy to Metal, and Metal will pass its energy to you. When Metal is around you, you are fully protected. What's the Metal? The answer is at https://www.chinesefortunecalendar.com/metal1.htm

If you are female, you will meet more opposite sex in the 2018 Dog year. If you are a business woman, then you will need to contact male customers, partners or coworkers often. If you are a single woman, then you have more chance to find your relationship.

The major events coming toward you will be related to job, health, law or training or police.

When Wood is your Day Master

Earth is afraid of Wood. Earth stands for money to Wood. You will deal with money, finance and property in 2008, year of Earth Dog. 2018 is a strong Earth year. That means the money opportunity coming very strong and last for entire year. However, money opportunity doesn't always bring a good fortune to you.

Too much Earth will bring you pressure regarding to money. If Earth money is stronger than Wood (you), then you work for money. You will work hard to make a living. Your Wood must be stronger than Earth, and then you have the real opportunity to earn a big money home. Therefore, you have to check for your Day Master in the Chinese astrology birth chart is strong or weak from finding your Luck Element page.

Earth is related to money. If your Day Master is strong, then you will have good money luck and enjoy spending money. If your Day Master is too weak, then you might have to spend money or make donation on your friends, siblings or relatives. That's a sign of debt.

If you are male, you will have more chances to meet girls in 2018, the year of the Dog. If you are a single man and working at a financial institution, then you have very good chance to find a girl you like.

The major event is related to money, wealth and luxury life.

When Fire is your Day Master

Earth is the Child Element of Fire. Earth is related to your outlook, performance, speech and behavior. 2018 is a strong Earth year. You will try to consume all your energy out for the Earth. You will quite enjoy your daily life because you often feel freedom without restriction.

You might inadvertently show the impolite attitude to offend people around. You are losing your reputation without notice. Therefore, if your inappropriate words and acts in the working environment could jeopardize your job.

In most cases, you will be exhausted for spending energy on the Earth. However, if you Fire is stronger than Earth, then you have unlimited energy to show people your talent. People will impress your outstanding performance and give you good reputation. So you might win a suddenly success in fame. This could bring you a good income.

The major events in 2008 are your fame, performance, behavior, life style and health.

When Earth is your Day Master

2018 is Male Earth Dog Year. Male Earth is the mountain. The Dog is also the Male Earth. 2018 is a mountain over mountain. Your Day Master is Earth. That means you are surrounding with mountains. Earth represents your siblings, friends, coworkers, partners or same generation relatives. Therefore, you will meet with your friends or siblings very often in 2018.

Your social activities and expense will increase. You might need to take care siblings or friends and give them financial supports. That's a sign of spending money. Water represents your money. If you don't have too much Water in your birth chart, then the mountain Dog of 2018 is coming to look for the Water. Those Dogs will try to steal your money.

However, if you have too much Water and you have trouble to earn good income, then your siblings and friends will appear to help and guide you to how to increase your wealth. It's same that if you have too much workload at work, your friends or coworkers will help and show you a better way to finish your assignment faster.

In general, the major events coming toward you will be related to money, love and friendship.

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