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Jupiter Media estimates that about 40 million singles are using online dating services in 2004. There are thousands of dating services hosting in the Internet. Most sites charge monthly fees in order for members to contact other members. These monthly fees usually range from $10 to 50 dollars. The average yearly cost to join a dating services is about $300. If 5% of dating singles are the paid members, then the dating service market will reach 1 billion dollars membership fee in 2005. Besides membership fee income, all big dating services still have huge amount of revenue from advertisement and local dating party events. That's why many people still want to get into dating service market.

Inadequate membership size is the biggest issue for online dating services. Many dating sites keep ambiguous reporting of the size of the membership database. When a company reports that they have millions of members, actually only a small percentage of members are active or subscribing members. Since the dating services accept the members worldwide and half of the members are of the opposite sex, so the chance of you to find your right match close to your city is very small, unless the database is extremely huge.

The good search function of dating services should help people to find and reach the right match. The basic search function is to filter matches by member's profile, state, city, zip and distance. Also, they provides a quick search function, which means they want to find someone for you, in case that you cannot find any match for the standard search function. In order to make sure you can reach someone, the advanced search function can look for current online members, new members, most active members, most popular members, most networked member, most inviting member, keywords in the profiles and even members of today's birthday.

The key is to contact the match. Some dating services allow people to create multiple profiles to increase the matching possibility. Therefore, to find the company owns a very large membership database is a better bargain to join. According to traffic report in June 2002, had more visitors than all other competitors.

Unique Visitors of Dating Services (

Dating Services February 2010 10M+
eharmony 3M+ 4M+ 3.7M+ 2.8M+ 3.2M+ 1.5M+ 1M+ 1.8M+ 2M+ 10M+ 348K+ 288K+ 468K+ 670K+ 568K+ 99K+

Monthly Membership Fee*

Dating Services

Monthly Fee

Yahoo! Personals $24.95 $29.99 $22.94 $49.99 $29.95 $39.99$34.95 $29.95
eharmony $59.95 $49.95 $29.95 $49.95 $59.95 $24.99 $39.99

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You might want to know who is the largest dating services today. Since most of dating services are exaggerating their member's size. However, the Internet traffic won't lie. Most of Internet traffic data have the commercial value, which needs to pay to get it. The alternative way to find the online dating site's traffic is from the to find the the traffic ranking. If the ranking is higher, then the database must be larger.

 Dating Services Alexa Ranking  Note 331 launched in 1995, has 8 million members in 2004. More than 89,000  members reported they found the match in 2003. It operates more than 30 online dating sites (28 international dating sites), in 18 local languages. Member's profiles are viewed more than 6 million times a day. It's the world?s leading online dating site, according to the global ranking by Media Metrix in March 2004. and are its sister sites. 125 was, which founded in 1999. Tickle launched the Tickle Social Network in October 2003. Tickle was acquired by Monster Worldwide in May 2004. The matchmaking, and social networking services have more than 18 million active members worldwide.
274 has over 7 million members. According to comScore Media Metrix, about 5.3 million unique monthly visitors to 10 sister sites including and 503 Lavalife markets its web and telephone products in over 60 markets across the United States, Canada and Australia. It has attracted over 6 million unique members. Its members exchange 1.3 million messages every day. Lavalife's revenues are in excess of $100 million in 2003 and growing. 1150 has over 3.3 million profiles including in 2004 and is growing by thousands a day. They are 100% gay and lesbian dating service that has a worldwide reach and is in 7 different languages. 1261 was founded In 1996. It has over 9 million active members in 2004. It's under FriendFinder Network, which has 15 web communities, including
  • - 9 million
  • - 9 million
  • - 5 million
  • - 2 Million
  • - 2 million
  • - 0.2 million 1437 has over 9 million members and usually has over 50,000 members online at any one time. It's under FriendFinder Network. 1417 has 4 million members in 2004 and 3,000 confirmed weddings since Year 2000. Members are over 228 Countries. Membership, which runs nearly $100 for three months or almost $250 for a year.'s ad campaign cost the company more than $10 million in 2003. The company has had about 33 million members as of 2008. about 15,000 people take the eHarmony questionnaire each day. An average of 542 eHarmony members in the U.S. marry every day in 2010. 1844 Total member is 1.5 million in 2004. 1990 More than 6,000 people join every day in 2004 2443 has more than two million male and female members worldwide who actively use the site. The site is adding new members at a rate of 250,000 per month. 2750 Find more dating services membership information from the search box
  Web 3635 3979 4747 4837 4904 5161 5345 5437 6162 7361 7528 8159
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