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When the Baby item on the menu bar is selected, the Baby Gender and Names Tools dropdown menu will appear.

Click on the hot spots in the above menu (the hot spot pointer appears) to bring you to the component's help page.

How to Select a Lucky Name

The theory applied to the Lucky Name is from Chinese I-Ching Numerology. I-Ching is the foundation of Chinese astrology. I-Ching Numerology tells us the which numbers are I-Ching Lucky Numbers and we want to use these lucky numbers on our names.

When the Numerology applies to people names, there is a rule for the luckiest name.

Because we cannot change our last (family) name, we want to find the lucky number combinations by your last name. Then we can find the names we like from the suggested lucky number combinations.

To calculate the lucky score in the name is from the tool of finding the lucky numbers in the name

Find Lucky Number Combination for Name

To find the Lucky Number Combination for people name is to type the last name and the click the OK button to get the Lucky Number Combination for the last name.

  • Last name can be filled by clicking People button to select the names from database. 
  • Select and highlight a column, then click the Sorting button to sort the lucky numbers in the gird. 


Find Baby Names by Lucky Numbers

This tool is to find the popular boy or girl names by the letter counts of the names. There is an option for name prefix, If the name list is too long in the list box.


Find Lucky Numbers in the Name

This tool is to calculate the lucky score of people name. The total score is 100. 

  • Type the first name, middle name and last name, then click the OK button to get the score
  • First name and last name can be filled by clicking People button to select the names from database. 
  • If you don't have a middle name, then leave it blank.


Baby Gender Predictor

Boy or Girl The Baby Gender Predictor is an application from an Ancient Chinese Baby Gender Statistic Chart, which was discovered in a royal tomb about 700 years ago. The original chart is kept in the Institute of Science at Peking. The accuracy of the chart is quite high for Chinese women according the survey in the hospitals. However, did a survey on the Internet from 1999 to 2000 again for the women around the world. It found the accuracy rate of this prediction is around 70 percent using the raw survey data, which includes all possible human-error data. If the prediction is more than 70%, then it's better than a guess.

Some emails sent to us mention the month in the chart should use the Gregorian calendar, because they got the correct predictions from more than 15 women using Gregorian calendar and got some wrong answers from Chinese lunar calendar. Actually, we still get some emails saying the other way around.

700 years ago, Chinese used Chinese lunar calendar to record daily activities. Most people believe that the baby gender chart was used the Chinese lunar calendar. However, there are leap months in the Chinese lunar calendar system. This chart didn't mention about the leap months. For example, there was a leap 5th lunar month in 1971. The leap 5th lunar month should use 5th month or 6th month? Chinese fortunetellers encounter similar problem in some astrology systems. Some fortunetellers use 6th month for the leap 5th month; some use 5th month for the first half of leap 5th month and use 6th month for the second half.

The other possibility is the chart uses Chinese astrology months, which are solar months close to Gregorian calendar. One source says the chart was derived from the knowledge of I-Ching and Five Elements before applying on the statistics. Also, the astrology solar months don't have the issue of leap months. 

Therefore, Chinese Farmer's calendar provides the option for people to choose Chinese Lunar Calendar or Chinese Astrology Calendar.

  • Select women's birthday and Time Zone
  • Select the conception day and Time Zone
  • Click the OK button, and the baby gender will show on the screen.

Compatibility Love Match

This is Compatibility Love Match for any two persons by comparing two Chinese Zodiac Birth Charts. The positive scores means good match. The score of Zero is OK, two persons should be able to find a way to get alone well. The score of -1 means a VERY minor conflict on the concept of public relationship. The score of -2 means a minor conflict on the concept of family (in-law) relationship. The scores less then -2 means more disagreements between two persons.

  • Clicking People button to select the names from database. 
  • If you don't know people's birth hour, then check on Ignore the hour
  • Click the OK button to get the score


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