Chinese Monthly Farmer's Calendar

To get the Chinese Farmer Almanac information of Chinese Monthly Farmer's Calendar, select Almanac from the menu bar, then click the Monthly Farmer's Calendar item from the drop down menu.

Click on the hot spots in the left menu (the hot spot pointer appears) to bring you to the pointed page.


Simply select the year, month, time zone and click the OK button, the daily major calendar information will show on the grid.

Double Click on the Date field in the gird, the Daily Farmer Calendar screen will pop up.


The event grid in Red color indicate the day is the lucky day for the event. The event grid in Dark Black color indicate the day is an unlucky day for the event.

Monthly Icon (Wall) Calendar

The Monthly Icon Calendar is a wall calendar in HTML format. The picture inside the calendar can be replaced from the System Options Setup.

Need More Space for the Picture?

How to remove the Page Header and Footer?
   Click File in the Menu Bar, select Page Setup..., remove codes in Header and Footer.

How to restore the Page Header and Footer?
   From Page Setup..., type &w&bPage &p of  &P in Header, type &u&b&d in Footer and Save it.


HTML Format


Chinese Calendar Terms

24 Solar Season

28 Stars

12 Duty Cycles

Special Calendar Terms

Special Event Names

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