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Many people are interesting in learning the Chinese astrology. Not everyone has the good luck to read the right books or meet a right teacher. That means most people waste many year in searching the truth in the study. There are many Chinese astrology books, printed in Chinese, in the market. Unfortunately, only a few Chinese astrology books in English you can find in the market. I guess they just provide every basic information for the beginners. Anyway, if you are lucky, some astrology books can show your the door to enter the world of Chinese astrology. But after entering the door, the room is dark. Here, we want to pass you a small candle light to look for the next door inside the dark room.

The following are the contents of Chinese astrology learning pages. There is no links for these pages.

Five Elements and people's Fortunes Explain why Five Elements can tell people's fortune
Ying Yang and Five Elements Basic Relationship A general idea gives you a whole picture of Chinese Astrology
The Five Elements in Animal Signs The Relationship between Five Elements and Animal signs
The Five Element Scores of the Birth Chart How to calculate the Five Element scores from the Birth Chart
The Five Element Scores of the Birth Chart How to calculate the Five Element scores from the Birth Chart
Heavenly Stem Relationships Five Elements Basic Relationship
Earthly Branch Relationships Animals/Branches Basic Relationship
Additional Branch Relationships Hurting and Separation Branches Relationships
Special and Powerful Branch Relationships Powerful Trio and Gang of Three Relationships
The Disease and Medicine Method Choose the Lucky Element using Disease and Medicine Method
Balance Five Elements using Scoring Method Choose the Lucky Element using Scoring Method
Five Stars in Chinese Astrology Day Master and Five Stars Basic
Ten Representatives (Gods) in Chinese Astrology Day Master and Ten Gods Basic
Additional Ten Gods More information about Ten Gods in the Birth Chart
10-God Birth Chart Style Recognize the Birth Chart style using the name of 10 Gods.
Strong Day Master or Week Day Master To determine Day Master is strong or weak in the Birth Chart
Strong and Weak Method Choose the Lucky Element using Strong and Weak Method
Stem and Branch Affinity Relationship Review the Stem and Branch Attraction Relationships
Stem and Branch Fighting Relationship Review the Stem and Branch Fighting Relationships
True and Fake Stem Attraction Relationships Explain complicate Stem Attraction Relationships
True and Fake Branch Attraction Relationship Explain complicate Branch Attraction Relationships
Mixing Five Stars and Ten Gods in Cycles Complex concept of mixing 5 Stars and 10 Gods
Mixing Stem and Branch Relationships Complex concept about mixing Stem and Branch Relationships
Chinese Astrology Cycle Messages How to determine what event will happen
When will the Event Happen? How to determine when the event will happen.
Best 20 Years Find the best 20 year from Major Cycles
Best and Worst Years Find the Best and Worst in the entire life
Money and Career Understand Money and Career Elements
Don't Miss the Second Chance Understand Luck is recycling.
Definition of 12 Life Stages The strength of a Stem against the Branches
Hints from 12 Life Stages 12 Stage hints inside the Birth Chart
Different Lucky Elements using different methods Lucky Elements from Scoring Method and Strong-Weak Method
Study Case of Different Lucky Elements in Birth Chart A case readings from 3 Chinese astrology masters
Verify Lucky Element Angel Software provides a tool to verify the Lucky Element
Different Scores in Balance Chart and Personality Chart Explain why the Five Element scores is different in Personality Chart
Different astrological Animal Signs Explain why the animal signs are different from other websites
Children's Birth Chart Reading the Birth Chart for children
How to Improve our luck How to enhance our luck using the Lucky Element
The Cycle of Sow and Reap Five Star relationships with good and Bad cycles
Five Elements Chart A Chart of Five Element connection
Palace of Destiny Information about Palace of Destiny

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