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Ten Gods (Ten Representatives) are the nicknames of stem elements to the Day Master, which is the Day Stem in the birth chart.

Friend Contender  Artist Actor Money Property Evil Angel Guardian Mother
Friend or Sibling Money Contenders Money for Food Show off money Easy Money Property Discipline Angel Guide you Baby Sitter Parents or mother

The strength of Day Master can breaks down into 12 stages just like the cycle of a human life in the Chinese Astrology. It's also like the cycle of 12 months in a year. 12 Life Stages are

Begin of a life - something just happen (Conception) 
Raise the fetus (Breeding)
Give birth the new life (Birth)
Go to school (Childhood)
Become an adult (Adulthood)
Find job and earn money (Career)
Reach career highest position (Summit)
Getting weak (Decline)
Get sick (Sickness)
Die (Death)
The final house - Tomb (Grave)
Become Nothing - Vanish (Extinct)

Birth Chart with 10 Gods and 12 Life Stages

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