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Welcome Start-up Page

This is the Welcome page for the software owner. It dynamically generates the daily Five Element scores and charts. It's easy to see the scores and charts for the past and the future. Also, it provides quick shortcuts to the main components.

The Owner's Name

As long as the owner name is assigned, every time the Fortune Angel starts this welcome page will display the astrology daily information of the owner.

Daily Score, Chart and Prediction Messages

It displays the daily stem-branch chart and the Harmony Index, which is same to the Love Match score, to check any conflict with people's birth chart. Click on the or buttons or click on the Date button to change the date, the score and day information will update instantly. 

You can click on Day, Month or Year to get the Daily, Monthly or Yearly event message.

The Scores of Birth Chart

The Balance Index is a simple way to know people luck. The Balance Index is high means the Five Elements are out of balance. When Five Elements are out of balance, Five Elements move often and faster. When Five Elements crush each other very hard, then something special will happen. Usually, something happening is not what we want. So the higher Balance Index tells us to pay attention on the bad luck. The other way around is the lower Balance Index could bring us the good luck.

Five Elements Cycle Chart


Five Element cycle chart shows the five element scores in the coming cycle. To change the cycle, just select the radio buttons in the Chart Type frame box.

Simply click on the  or buttons to update the cycle chart.

Component Shortcuts

Easy to access the major components from shortcuts. 

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