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The Cycle of Sow and Reap

Some people found out they weren't lucky, and even had a bad luck when their Lucky Element came. In most of the cases, they had nasty behaviors and didn't try work hard, keep focus, or stay alert during their bad cycle. That  means they sowed their bad habits during the bad cycle, and they reaped the back luck or disease in the end of the bad cycle, which is the beginning of the good cycle.

Where are the Five Elements? 

Ancient Chinese Five Elements scholars thought that the Five Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, are everywhere in between heaven (sky) and the Earth. Humans should be affected by Five Element around. More information in the page of Why Five Elements Tell People's Fortunes.

Most of Five Elements on the ground can be seen by our naked eyes. The Five Elements of people can be found from their birthday. The Five Elements of the sky (sun) can be known only from the Chinese Calendar.

Chinese Five Elements scholars had applied Five Elements theory on the Chinese calendar system thousand years ago. Today, the calendar is widely used in Chinese Five Elements astrology.

The Five Elements have their cycles. The strength of Five Elements change with the passage of time. The changing of Five Elements cycle should impact people's lives.

The Good Cycle of Five Elements

Look for the following people's normal cycle in their life.

Knowledge Cycle Parents support us and we take education as well as build healthier bodies
Friend Cycle We go to school and make friends. Sometimes we spend money on friends for better relationship
Expression Cycle With knowledge and friends, we express our ideas to our friends and we talk about how to earn money
Money Cycle We know how to earn money, increase our income and spend money on a better quality life
Career Cycle We keep earning the money, and take more responsibility and pressure on our jobs, which gives us the chances for a career promotion.

If the person can continue this decent cycle, then the next coming cycle would be

Knowledge Cycle We learn the pressure from previous Career cycle. We will ask people opinion or experience from elders. Or we have to learn new knowledge to improve our job skills to protect ourselves
Friend Cycle We have to spend time on new or old friends or customers. To spend more time with them can make us smarter
Expression Cycle We spend more time on new idea. We might have persuade people based on our opinion. We may have to work more than one task at the same time
Money Cycle We can enjoy life much more while earning more money and buying more things we desire. We might forget and stay away from elders
Career Cycle Money creates more career opportunities and pressure for us, but we worry about the future again

These repeating cycles are the cycles of Five Elements. Actually, they are the cycle of Five Stars in the Chinese astrology.

The Bad Cycle of Five Elements

If people feel things go wrong with them, then they might have the following sample cycle of Five Elements. 

Knowledge Cycle Lazy at learning your job. You are just lucky to have helpers around
Friend Cycle Argue with your contenders. People are interested in your position
Expression Cycle It is easy to get a bad temper, then you may lose your job
Money Cycle Pressure comes from the money
Career Cycle More pressure for the future and you feel alone


Knowledge Cycle Lazy to exercise and keep taking medicine instead
Friend Cycle Busy social life and don't have time to eat healthy foods
Expression Cycle Stay late, work overtime or overnight 
Money Cycle Make love too often
Career Cycle Disease or bad luck


Knowledge Cycle Don't study on how to earn money
Friend Cycle Money investment with friends or lend money to friends
Expression Cycle Become upset to lose money and have bad temper all the time
Money Cycle Trouble on money and have to borrow money
Career Cycle Gain the pressure from money


Knowledge Cycle Too much restricted from elders, parents or mentors
Friend Cycle Learn the courage and self-confidence from friends to fight for the freedom
Expression Cycle Argue with elders or parents freedom
Money Cycle Disobey elders or parents and get the freedom to handle money by yourself
Career Cycle Pressure from money, lose money, lose face, regret the action and return the next cycle

From the examples of normal cycles and nasty cycles, we can see what you reap now is what you sow before.

How to Get Our Luck Back

Some people find their luck is over from the Life Chart. Then they lose their energy and courage for the years to come. The best and the easy way for people is to follow the Five Elements cycle flow. If we follow the Five Elements natural rule of the universe, we can have more peaceful life we can pursuit. Therefore

  • We have to learn and grow our knowledge and health during the Knowledge Cycle.
  • We have to contact our old friends, visit new customers to exchange the experience during the Friend Cycle
  • We have to share our learning and idea with people around, so people will know what you can do during the Expression Cycle.
  • We can give our family a better quality life and share our happiness with the ones we love during the Money Cycle.
  • We can take more responsibility on our duty and make sure do well on our job during the Career Cycle.

Our cycle of Five Elements can be found in the Career/Money Chart.

Usually, it needs to take a full element cycle (about three months) to change your luck. You need the patience and the confidence to wait and see the result.

To improve the living environment, Chinese will hire a Feng Shui consultant to examine their house and make some arrangement in the bedrooms, living room even something outside of the house. It works for many people. If you cannot find a Feng Shui expert near you or cannot afford to hire one, then what you have to do is clean your entire house, remove all the junk and make sure fresh air can flow through your house.

When people have back luck, we can usually see the signs on their faces. We cannot see their bright complexion, shinning eyes, or spiritual energy on their faces. We can see the gray or dark spot on their facial appearance. All these come from their bad living habits, including staying up late, drinking too much, eating low quality food, sleeping too little, working too tired, living in a dirty house, or smelling stinky air. All these bad habits can generate a kind of poison in the body. If our liver or kidneys cannot complete their cleaning jobs in a day, then the poison will stay in our body. When the poison stays in the body too long, the dirty signs will show on the skin, eyes, tongue and face soon or later. 

In short, if you don't have a good complexion, then you don't have a complete good luck. You have to take care your body well. You must live in a clean environment, let fresh air into your nose, good lighting into your eyes, purified water into your mouth and heavenly music into your ears. Also, you have to give your body a chance to rest and sleep well. Don't forget to eat better food and vitamins to improve your facial appearance.

If you are over 20 years old, you can try something in religious areas in your knowledge Cycle. Religion can help you to bring up your mental power to heal your pain, get rid of your sins and gain your luck back. There is special music for people to purify their soul in the Chinese Fortune Angel site.

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