When am I in Love?

The Find Romantic Days for Dating page doesn't check the romantic factors from the 10-year major cycles and the lucky element. If you have a low or no romantic score in 'Romantic Days for Dating' page, you still have a chance to find romantic opportunities in the 10-year major cycle.

The DAY Stem in your Birth chart represents You. The following table can tell the representative element of your spouse. If you can find the spouse element in a certain year or a 10-year major cycle, then you may have the love events in that period. If the lucky element is the same as that of your spouse, then you may have a good marriage at that time. You can find your lucky element from the Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar. Also you can know your 10-year Major cycles from the Major Cycles page.

Table of your spouse from Chinese Five Element Astrology

You areMan's WifeWoman's Husband

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