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Chinese Palm Reading for Biden

During the 2008 US Presidential campaigns, many people were fascinated by how Barack Obama, a young African American, won the Democratic nomination for President. His choice of Joe Biden to be his running mate was equally interesting and well-received.

Although very similar to Barack Obama’s strong leadership and ethic, Joe Biden has a very different personality and family background. Characterized as “natural leader” by his classmates, Joe Biden actually suffered from stuttering during childhood through his twenties. He overcame this problem by spending a lot of time reciting poetry in front of a mirror. This shows his determination and relentlessness in confronting his weakness. After he lost his first wife and young daughter to a car accident, he was filled with grief, rage and religious doubt. Yet he remained very committed to his children as a father, and to do the right thing as a public servant, regardless of his personal tragedy and challenges.

There are not as many media photos of Joe Biden’s hands as that of Barack Obama, so the analysis will be minimum based on the available photos.

To understand the analysis better, you may want to review Joe Biden’s bio at a glance first.

Chinese Palm Reading - Biden Hand   Chinese Palm Reading - Biden Hand

The Life Line is not particularly long or distinct. It appears to have iron-chain-like creases in the middle, and multiple creases toward the end. The palm area it enclosed is big.

Analysis: Had major illness or hospitalization during the lifetime – referring to his near-death aneurysm operations in his mid-forty. Need to prevent serious health problems at old age. Other than that, he is energetic and romantic.


The Wisdom Line (aka Head Line) is relatively long and it runs deep, but not very clear cut and appears to have some creases. The Wisdom Line has the same starting point as the Life Line, and they have some overlap before separating.

Analysis: Intelligent but may not be focused or cool headed at times. Introverted and detail-oriented. Determined and relentless on certain matters.


The Love Line (aka Heart Line) is long, and curves upward to where the index finger and middle finger connects. It looks thick and heavy in the middle, and has some creases along the line.

Analysis: Rational and sensible. Loyal to his family – very unlikely to have extra-marital affairs. Honest and speaks from his heart, but sometimes too candid or off-handed. Passionate about doing the right thing and helping others.


The Career Line (aka Fate Line) is straight and long. Both Sun Line and Money Line are not as dominant.

Analysis: A leader with a prominent and long career, but not wealthy in comparison. He is a true public servant who makes helping people to live better and doing the right things his career and his life, without considering his own financial gain.



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