Chinese Palm Reading - Finger Reading

Reading of the Finger

Round and plump fingers tend to be pampered and have more happiness than worries.

Flat and level fingers have to work hard or worry more.

Thin and delicate fingers intelligent.

Bald finger tips and uniform looking fingers will be constantly challenged or given hardship.

Chinese Palm Reading - Finger Reading

Round and smooth finger knuckles have small fortune even during hardship.

Rough and revealing finger knuckles moneyless due to lack of diligence or motivation.

Thumbs tilted forward impatient and lack of endurance.

Thumbs tilted backward patient.

Thumb represents family heritage and ancestry. If injured or missing, it will hurt family wealth or fame.

Index finger represents self-authority and independence. If longer, have more control and authority over yourself, or if shorter, less independent.

Index finger also reflects your body. If index finger is lean and delicate, you are healthier and more relaxed.

Middle finger reflects your mind. A tilted or crooked middle finger indicates stress or depression.

Ring finger reflects your desires. If very long, it indicates excessive desires for vanity or overly opportunistic.

Pinkie finger represents your offspring. A tilted or crooked pinkie indicates less chance to be a parent.

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