Chinese Palm Reading - Health and Well-being

Health & Well-being

Health Line

The Health Line is a slanted line from the base of the pinkie finger toward the end of the Life Line. The line should be more accurately named “Bad Health Line”, and it is better not to have it at all.

Chinese Palm Reading - Health Line

A segmented line indicates problems with the digestion system. An iron chain shaped line indicates problems with the respiratory system. If there are circular creases on the beginning of the line, it indicates head, nose or throat problems, or if the creases are on the end of the line, it indicates problems with urological system.

Accident Line

The Accident Line is a vertical line from the base of the middle finger to the Life Line, and it is thicker at the beginning and thinner at the end. It represents prone to accident or suicide.


Chinese Palm Reading - Accident Line

Villain Line


The Villain Lines refers to slanted creases at the bottom section of the index finger, and it indicates the person may become victim of villain’s wicked acts. If there are more than four Villain Lines, the person is prone to slanders. Or if there are seven lines or more, the person is likely to be involved in messy law sues.


Chinese Palm Reading - Villian Line

See the major palm lines: Life Line and Love Line.

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