Chinese Palm Reading - Wisdom Line or Head Line

Wisdom Line (Head Line)

The Wisdom Line is also called the Head Line and is considered the most important one in Chinese Palm Reading. It represents the person himself/herself. Its starting point is close to or same as the Life Line, and it runs across the palm towards the pinkie finger. It is considered ideal if it ends below where pinkie finger and ring finger join.

Palm Reading Wisdom Line

If the Wisdom Line is short, it means lack of intelligence, but if it is too long, the person tends to outsmart others and cause self-inflicted troubles. A thin and deep line means smart, focused and thinking clearly. If there are circular creases along the line, it means unfocused, bad memory or possible head injury. If there are iron-chain-like creases at the beginning of the line, it indicates education will be affected by bad environment.

The Wisdom Line may overlap with the Life Line at the beginning before they separate. The overlapping means a person is introverted, careful, or detail-oriented, however, too much overlapping means indecisive and worrying too much.

Palm Reading Wisdom Line

If the two lines start from the same point but separate right away (no overlapping), it means decisive and determinative personality, and can handle adventurous and erratic situations.

If the two lines are totally separated (donít share the starting point and no overlapping), it represents extreme bravery, extroverted, fearless or audacious.

Palm Reading Wisdom Line

See two other major palm lines: Life Line and Love Line.

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