Products from Chinese Fortune Calendar Online

Chinese Fortune Calendar Online provides free simple Chinese astrology on the web since 1999. To display a Chinese Astrology Chart from the Internet takes many calculation steps from Chinese calendar conversion to astrology rules behind the scene. That causes the calendar database in web server side couldn't handle too many hits in the same time before 2001. We were forced to change database structures to improve better performance. In 2002, there are more than 3,000 unique visitors a day during regular months. The web site CPU power barely supports the current traffic today and was overloaded during the Chinese New Year's period for past three years. (more than 20,000 visitors on Chinese New Year's Day in 2002)

In order to provide extensive and advanced Chinese astrology tools, we need to move complicate programming logic and longer calculation pieces off line. Therefore, we made the following products for people really interesting in Chinese Astrology or calendars.

How to Run Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology and Chinese Farmer's Calendar on Mac/Apple Computers