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Chinese Astrology - 2008 Monthly Cycles

Earthquake, flood, cyclone, tornado, fire, oil, war, housing problems have been happening around the world in 2008. Typhoon and hurricane season are coming. Many natural hazard we cannot predict and prevent when they will arrive. However, Chinese astrology tells us something. If something lucky is happening on you, you should stay clam. If something bad has occurred on you, then you still have hope this year. 2008 is an intangible, but predictable year.

2008 is the year of  Brown Rat. Brown is equivalent to Earth in Chinese Astrology Five Element theory. The element in Rat is Water. Earth and Water are opposite elements. They have conflicting relationship and are hard to see them coexisting.

Chinese astrology analyzes Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) from people's birth chart, then determine a Lucky Element for the person. To predict people's fortune is based on the Lucky Element. Usually, if a person's Lucky Element is Earth, then the Water is an unlucky element. If the Lucky Element is Water, then Earth is the unlucky element.

If Earth or Water is equivalent to the Money Star, then the person's money luck in 2008 should be "money comes, then money goes" or "money goes, then comes". If Earth or Water is the Career Star, then career opportunity either come early or come late in 2008. If Earth or Water represent health, then the heath will be either good or bad, however it will be the opposite at the end of the year. In short, everybody will win some but lose some in 2008. The simple prediction for 2008 is at Yearly Five Elements and Events page.

Chinese Astrology 2008 Yearly Cycle



Male SoilMale Soil 2008 Male Brown Rat. Brown is Earth and Rat is Water. Basically, It's favorable to Lucky Element Earth or Water people.
But, we have to pay attention that Rat will turn into Earth when it meets Cow.

If we want to predict more detailed luck in 2008, then we need to study the Monthly Cycles using 12 Horoscope Animal Names. According to Chinese Monthly zodiac signs, something very special in 2008 is that we have strongest Wood month, strongest Metal month, strongest Water month and very strong Fire month in 2008. That means people luck might turn 180 degree during 2008. If you don't know this theory, then you might totally lose in the end of 2008.

Chinese Astrology 2008 Monthly Cycles

Calendar Month Astrology Month Wood Fire Earth Metal Water


Male WoodMale Wood
Wooden Tiger
46 7 7 0 0 Tiger and Rabbit are Wood. These two months have a very strong Wood, Especially, March Wooden Rabbit is a pure Wood month. Water is a supporting Element of Wood. The Water Rat of 2008 can make Wood even stronger.

It's very favorable to Lucky Element Wood people. But it's very unfavorable to Earth or Metal people.

Female WoodFemale Wood
Wooden Rabbit
60 0 0 0 0
Male FireMale Fire
Fire Dragon
9 30 18 0 3 Dragon is Earth. Basically, this is good for Lucky Element Earth people. But Dragon meets Rat of 2008, then Dragon will go with Rat Water and weaken the power of Earth.
Female FireFemale Fire
Fire Snake
0 46 7 7 0 Snake and Horse are Fire. May and June also contain Earth. Sheep is Earth. July has even stronger Earth. When Fire and Earth together, the Earth becomes dry.

These there months are favorable for Lucky Element Fire and Earth people who like hot, dry, warm and sunshine.

But this period is very unfavorable to Lucky Element Water and Metal people, who like cold, dark, night, water, shadow and lake, beach.

Male SoilMale Soil
Earth Horse
0 20 40 0 0
Female SoilFemale Soil
Earth Sheep
3 9 48 0 0
Male Metal
Metal Monkey
0 0 7 46 7 Monkey and Chicken are Metal. Especially, September Metal Chicken is a pure Metal month. The Earth of 2008 is on the top of Rat Water. Earth of 2008 becomes wet. Earth is the supporting element of Metal. Therefore, Metal is very strong and these two months are very favorable to Lucky Element Metal people.

But this period are very unfavorable to Lucky Element Wood people.

The events should focus on Metal related field - gold, money, bank, investment and economy.

Female MetalFemale SoilFemale Metal
Metal Chicken
0 0 0 60 0
Male WaterFemale Water
Water Dog
0 3 18 9 30 Water in this month has fighting relationship with Earth in the Year. Dog is Earth. Earth is Dog and Water in Rat of Year and Earth have fighting relationship. This is a double fighting relationships. This is not a peaceful month outside.

Water Dog itself has the fighting relationship. Water fights with Earth in the Dog. Year 2009 is Earth Rat, which has the same situation. Earth fights with Water in the Rat. The total of four fighting relationships in this month.

If Earth is related to Land Property and Water is related to money, then there is no good news in real estates and economy.

Female WaterFemale Water
Water Pig
10 0 0 0 50 Pig is Water. Female Water and Male Earth of 2008 have attraction relationship into Fire. But Pig and Water Rat of 2008 are cold enough to bring good luck for Lucky Element Water people. Fire is too weak. November is not a lucky month for Lucky Element Fire people.

December is good for Lucky Element Water and Wood people, but not Earth people.

The Water force doesn't begin in November. Water starts to grow strong in Metal Month September, because Metal is the mother element of Water. This Water cycle is extremely cold. If Water is related to your money, then something you have to prepare before this month.

Male WoodMale Wood
Wooden Rat
30 0 0 0 30

You can see that Lucky Element Wood people are very lucky in February and March, but very unlucky in August and September. The other way around, if you are Lucky Element Metal person with poor luck in Spring, then you will turn around in Fall. It's same that there is no Water in May, June and July, but Water is very strong in November.

In general, many people in 2008 will feel ups and downs all year long. If you feel lucky now, it's not recommended to take aggressive approach on your investment in 2008. If you are unlucky now, then do not give up, continue to hold on it and you will gain some when your turn comes.

Our Chinese Horoscope example for Democratic US president candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama shows they keep fighting their reputation and money during their up and down campaign. The one has less trouble on reputation and money will win the race.

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