Five Elements   Five-Element Relationship

The Circulating Relationship
The elements next to each other are conducive, beneficial, congenial, friendly, supporting and generating.
  • Water generates Wood - Water is the mother of Wood
  • Wood generates Fire - Wood is the mother of Fire
  • Fire generates Earth - Fire is the mother of Earth
  • Earth generates Metal - Earth is the mother of Metal
  • Metal generates Water - Metal is the mother of Water

The Harmful Relationship
An element has capability to destroy, defeat, overcome and overwhelm the element next to it. 
  • Water can extinguish Fire
  • Wood can break the ground (Earth)
  • Fire can melt Metal
  • Earth can make Water disappear
  • Metal can break Wood

The Hostile Relationship
The elements facing each other are hostile, fighting, resisting, and hurting mutually.
  • Water dislikes Fire
  • Wood dislikes Earth
  • Fire dislikes Metal
  • Earth dislikes Water
  • Metal dislikes Wood

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