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The Chinese astrology Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor, multi-millionaire and politician, was born on 07/30/1947 04:10 AM

The Birth Chart shows Arnold Schwarzenegger has too much Earth, too much Fire, too little Water and too little Wood. The Birth Chart is too dry. The Angel software selected Water and Wood as his Lucky Elements. Metal represents Arnold Schwarzenegger. His has very good career opportunity since lots of Fire (Job). Fire gives Metal pressure. But he has enough Earth around to release the pressure from Fire. Earth represents the people supporting him. He has enough supporters and doesn't need more Earth. If more Earth (people) comes in his cycle,  then too many opinions could confuse his decision and lose his intelligence (Water), which is unfavorable to his fame.

From 1974 to 2003, Arnold was in the cycle of Wood with Water. Therefore money (Wood) and fame (Water) come together into his life. If a person can get a real luck in a certain period, then the stem and Branch must be lucky elements in that cycle.

Arnold's unlucky elements are Earth and Metal. The 10-year cycle from 2004 is Metal Cow. Cow contains Earth, Water and some Metal. That means this cycle is not as good as the previous 40 years. 2006 is the year of Fire Dog, which is unfavorable to him. He will need to pay attention on his health and fame. 2009 is the year of Earth Cow, which is another challenge year for him. After this time, he will regain his luck.

Arnold's Life Balance Chart

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