Britney Spears Baby Boy's Chinese Horoscope

The Chinese Astrology Birth Chart of Sean Preston Spears Federline

Sean Preston, the son of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, was born on 09/14/2005 around 13:00 p.m. daylight saving time. The astrology birth hour is around 14:00 p.m. standard time.

Sean is the first child for Britney. Kevin already had two children: 3-year-old Koori and 1-year-old Caleb.

The following 10-God Birth Charts are from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software:

Birth Chart in Graphic Symbols Birth Chart in Chinese Characters

Sean was born on the White Metal Cow Female Metal day in the Wooden Chicken month of the Wooden Chicken Year. The Day Stem (Day Master) represents the person. Therefore, the White Metal Female MetalFemale Metalrepresents Sean himself. Metal is the strongest element in the Chicken month. Also, there is another Chicken in the Year column. That means Metal is very strong in the birth chart. Sean must be a healthy baby boy and will be a determined man. From the Five Element scores, we can see that there is too much Metal and Earth in the birth chart. This means that Water, Wood and Fire are needed to balance the birth chart.

Sean's Five Element Scores

We can say that Water, Wood and Fire are the lucky elements to Sean. Earth and Metal are the unlucky elements.

Chinese astrology is talking about Five Elements. In general,

Cow, Sheep, Dog and Dragon are Earth.
Chicken and Monkey are Metal.
Rabbit and Tiger are Wood.
Rat and Pig are Water.
Horse and Snake are Fire.

To be more accurate,

Cow contains Yin Metal, Yin Earth, Yin Water.
Sheep contains Yin Fire, Yin Earth, Yin Wood.
Chicken contains Yin Metal. (more details)

From the Five Stars theory, we know that

  • Earth is the Parent Star
  • Metal is the Companion Star
  • Wood is the Money Star
  • Water is the Fame Star
  • Fire is the Career Star

The Five Stars can be distinguished by Yin and Yang, and are derived into 10-God relationships.
 We have the Sean's 10-God Relationship Chart on the right.


Element 10 Gods (Representatives)
Male WoodMale Wood  Property Star Angel Guide you Proper Wealth
Female WoodFemale Wood  Windfall Star Easy Money Godsend Wealth
Male FireMale Fire  Angel StarAngel Guide youProper Discipline
Female FireFemale Fire  Evil Star DisciplineUnbecoming Discipline
Male SoilMale Soil  Mother Star Parents or mother Proper Care
Female SoilFemale Soil  Guardian StarBaby SitterUnbecoming Care
Male MetalMale Metal  Contender Star Money Contenders Unfriendly Partners
Female MetalFemale Metal  Friend Star Friend or Sibling Friendly Buddy
Male WaterMale Water Actor (Offending) Star Show off money Harsh Output
Female WaterFemale Water  Artist (Food) Star Money for Food Gracious Output

Besides, the Day Master Female Metal, we find three other Female Metal Female Metal  in the Branch of the birth chart. Metal Female Metal is the Friend Star Friend or Sibling, which represents the friends or siblings of Sean. Therefore, Sean may have more than one sibling or have many friends in the future. We also see three Female Wood Female Wood, which represents Windfall Star Easy Money . Windfall Star is like easy money; people can obtained readily with little or without effort.

In Chinese astrology birth chart, Year column is the information about the person's early age. Month column is about the growing age, Day column is the about the middle age and Hour column is about the older age. Stem row is the information about people's outward appearance. Branch row is the real and hidden side of people's life.

Windfall Star Easy Money showing on the Year, Month and Hour columns, which means that people will see that Sean has money to spend and enjoy almost his entire life. When a man has money, women will come around him. Therefore, we can predict that Sean will deal with money and women all the time in this life.

However, is it true that Sean won't have to worry about money in his life? Not quite! Our Free Chinese Astrology page indicates Sean has very poor luck around age 42 to 51 in the Five Element Balance Chart.

The Rise and Fall Chart - Five Element Balance Chart

Chinese astrology birth chart shows people's destiny. Chinese astrology 10-year major cycles reveals people's major fortune. To study people fortune, we need to know the lucky elements first.

Sean's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

Wood is the Money Star and a lucky element to Sean. Sean's wealth will increase in the cycle of Wood Male WoodMale WoodFemale WoodFemale Wood or in the cycle of Rabbit and Tiger .

The opposite element of Money is Metal, the Companion Star. Metal is a unlucky element, because Metal represents friends, relatives or siblings who might want to take advantage of Sean's money. If Metal Male MetalMale MetalFemale MetalFemale Metalappears in the cycle, then Sean need to share, spend, donate, lend money to his friends or relatives during that cycle.

Water is the Fame Star to Sean. In Five Elements theory, Water represents wisdom. Water can help Sean become smarter and express his opinion to people better. That means Water Male WaterMale WaterFemale WaterFemale Water can help Sean to earn more money in his name. Therefore, Water is a lucky element.

Fire can give pressure on Metal. There is only Female Fire Female FireFemale Fire in Sean's birth chart. That means Sean will receive too little discipline. He might not fear anyone and will spend money on whatever he wants. When Fire Male FireMale FireFemale FireFemale Fire comes into the cycle, Sean will restrain himself. Since Fire is the Career Star, Sean might be too busy in his business and might have no time to hang around with people who enjoy sharing his money. Therefore Sean can save and protect his money in the Fire cycle.

Earth is the Parent Star, which refers to anyone who wants to protect Sean. Because Earth Male SoilMale SoilFemale SoilFemale Soilcan make Metal stronger and Metal is already strong, Metal doesn't need too much protection. Therefore, Earth is an unlucky element.

In short,

Age Major Cycle Stem and Branches Prediction
2-11 Male WoodMale Wood Wooden Monkey; Monkey is Metal Money comes, but money also goes to siblings.
12-21 Female WaterFemale Water Female Water Sheep; Sheep is Earth Performs well in school and has parent's protection.
22-31 Male WaterFemale Water Male Water Horse; Horse is Fire Shows intelligence/ideas to people. Career begins.
32-41 Female MetalFemale Water Female Metal Snake; Snake is Fire Spends money on friends, siblings or business partners. Career development's progress is slow. Snake from the cycle and Metal Chicken in the birth chart both have an attraction relationship, which forces Snake to join in the Metal group. Any business investment could lose money.
42-51 Female Water Male Metal Dragon; Dragon is Earth Big financial loss because of friends or siblings. Bad reputation comes afterwards.

Why will a big financial loss happen during the ages of 42-51? This is because Male Metal in the cycle and three Female Wood in the birth chart have attraction relationships. Female Wood will turn into Metal. Female Wood is the money - Windfall Star. Male Metal is the Contender Star - someone will come and want to steal ALL of Sean's money on the table. Fortunately, Sean won't go bankrupt from the money loss. He has another Female Wood (Money Star) hidden in the Hour Branch. People don't know he has extra money in a safe place. Plus, there is a Female Fire in the Hour Branch that is guarding the Female Wood. Fire can keep Metal - greedy friends or relatives - away from Sean.

So the advice from Chinese astrology is do not invest in risky business, lend money to anyone, argue with others, or have any  lawsuit with anybody during this kind of cycle. Another way to protect money in this period is to let people like parents to guard the money. Also, paying attention to women relationship is essential, because money loss might be related to women.

Sean will regain his money luck back after 51 during the Rabbit and Tiger cycles. The reason is Rabbit and Tiger are in the Wood group and they are Sean's lucky animals.

The prediction here is for the 10-year major cycles only. For more detail forecast, we still need to study the yearly cycles. Sometimes the lucky element becomes unlucky and vice versa when applying the 10-year and yearly animal signs on the birth chart. To understand the Stems and Branches relationships can help our prediction.

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