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The Five-Element Life Balance Chart and Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was born on 8/19/1946 8:51 AM

US President 1993-2001

The Life Balance Chart shows Clinton wasn't happy during his presidency 1993-2001 since the scandal.
How could Clinton get on the presidency when he was in bad luck?
The answer is in the Opportunity Chart.

The Opportunity Chart shows Clinton had his best career opportunity around 1992.

The Life Balance Chart shows people the overall luck. The Opportunity Chart shows people particular luck. During 1993-2001 president Clinton had a nice position with lots of pressure and he didn't want it that way. Therefore, he got a low bar chart at that period. This is a good example to encourage people to challenge their unlucky years. People may still have the career or money opportunity, when they are in a lower bar chart cycle.

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