Chinese Astrology for Mark Zuckerberg

Is Time to Invest on Facebook?

 Mark Zuckerberg, a co-founder of Facebook Inc. - the world’s largest social networking service on Internet. 

 Birth Date: May 14, 1984
 Birth Time: unknown
 Birth Place: New York
 College: Harvard University
 Career: Facebook Inc. Chairman/Chief Executive

Zuckerberg is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook Inc. was launched in 2004 and has reached over 900 million active users in 2012. Roughly 200 million of them are in the United States, or two-thirds of the population. Facebook went public in May 2012, was valued $104 billions base on the initial $38 price per share.

It's reported that around 50% Facebook users today use mobile platform. Facebook encounters the challenge to generate decent advertising revenue from mobile devices. Analysts did not expect Facebook to continue to draw new users, as they have for several years, which means user growth would slow down. The first earnings report is not good enough to attract the Investors. The Facebook market value had plummeted down to $20 per share in August, 2012.

Many financial investors concern the future of Facebook inc. We believe that many people are interested in the money luck of Mark Zuckerberg. We are happy to interpret his Chinese astrology without the birth time in the following.

Mark Zuckerberg's Chinese Astrology Birth Chart without Birth Hour
Chinese Astrology is a theory of Five Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.

The Five Element Scores without birth hour
There are too much Earth and Fire elements in the birth chat.
Metal is the lucky element, which can release the energy accumulated in Earth.
Fire is not a lucky element, because Fire can generate more Earth.

The following 10-God Birth Charts are from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software:
The right-most column is the Year Column, which contains information about early age.
The middle column is Month Column, which contains information of growing up and family.
The left-most column is the Day Column, which contains information of middle age and marriage.

Birth Chart in Graphic Symbols without Hour Column Chinese  Birth Chart without Hour Column

Mark Zuckerberg was born on the Male Earth Monkey Male Metal day in the Earth Snake month of the Wooden Rat Year. The upper row of the Day Column is called Day Master (or Day Stem) and represents the person. Therefore, Male Metal Male Earth represents Mark himself. Monkey of Day Column contains Metal, Water and Earth. Snake of Month Column contains Fire, Earth and Metal. Mark was born in the summer and Fire is the strongest element in the summer. Fire is the mother element of Earth. Male Earth (Day Master) obtains the fully support from Fire and Earth. Female Earth Female Soil of Month Column and Male Wood Male Wood of Year Column have Attraction Relationship into Earth. That's additional support to Day Master. That means Day Mater Earth is very strong in the astrology birth chart. That's why the Earth has the highest score 111 in the Five Element Scoring chart. The strong Earth implies that Mark has strong-minded, good health and many friends.

Chinese astrology is talking about Five Elements. In general,

Cow, Sheep, Dog and Dragon are Earth.
Chicken and Monkey are Metal.
Rabbit and Tiger are Wood.
Rat and Pig are Water.
Horse and Snake are Fire.

To be more accurate,

Rat contains Female Water.
Snake contains Male Fire, Male Earth, Male Metal.
Monkey contains Male Metal, Male Water, Male Earth. (more details)

From the Five Stars theory, we know that

  • Metal is the Fame Star
  • Water is the Money Star
  • Wood is the Career Star
  • Fire is the Parent Star
  • Earth is the Companion Star

The Five Stars can be distinguished by Yin and Yang, and are derived into 10-God relationships.
 We have Mark Zuckerburg's 10-God Relationship Chart on the right.

Element 10 Gods (Representatives)
Male WoodMale Wood  Evil Star DisciplineUnbecoming Discipline
Female WoodFemale Wood  Angel StarAngel Guide youProper Discipline
Male FireMale Fire  Guardian StarBaby SitterUnbecoming Care
Female FireFemale Fire  Mother Star Parents or mother Proper Care
Male SoilMale Soil  Friend Star Friend or Sibling Friendly Buddy
Female SoilFemale Soil  Contender Star Money Contenders Unfriendly Partners
Male MetalMale Metal  Artist (Food) Star Money for Food Gracious Output
Female MetalFemale Metal  Actor (Offending) Star Show off money Harsh Output
Male WaterMale Water  Windfall Star Easy Money Godsend Wealth
Female WaterFemale Water  Property Star Angel Guide you Proper Wealth

Mark Zuckerburg has too much Earth. He needs more Metal and Water to balance his birth chart. We can choose Metal and Water as his Lucky Elements. Metal is the child element of Earth. Anything out of Earth is connected to Metal. Therefore Metal is related to Mark's outlook, expression, talent, performance or reputation.

Fire is the mother element of Day Master Male Earth. Fire is connected to his parents, teachers, protection, education or people supporting him. But Mark's birth chart doesn't need extra Fire anymore. This is because additional Fire will make Earth even stronger.

Wood (tree) can break through the Earth (ground). Wood gives Earth the pressure. Wood stands for his pressure, discipline, career and power. Mark has Male Wood in the Year Column. But Male Wood and Female Earth have attraction relationship into Earth. So the career never give Mark any pressure.

Earth is same kind of element to Day Master Male Earth. Therefore Earth represents Mark's siblings or same generation friends. There is Female Earth on the stem of Month Column. One Earth hides inside the Snake and another Earth hides inside the Monkey. This implies Mark has more siblings than regular families or he has many friends around him.

Male Wood of Year Column and Female Earth Column have attraction relationship into Earth. Monkey of Day Column and Snake of Month column have attraction relationship into Water. That means Mark's people relationship is good. The Earth relationship helps him to find more friends. The Water relationship has the potential to generate money.

Water is afraid of Earth. Earth can conquer Water easily. So Water represents money to Mark. Rat of Year Column is in the Water group. Year of Column is connected to his early age or family. Mark should grow up in the nice family. There is a Male Water inside Monkey of the Day Column. Male Water is the Easy Money Windfall Money Star. The Branch of Day Column is connected to his spouse. Monkey contains two lucky elements - Metal and Water. That implies he should have a good marriage life and his spouse helps him to build reputation and wealth.

The next step is to look at Mark Zuckerberg's 10-Year Major Cycles. We can roughly see his rise and fall of the entire life from the 10-Year Major Cycles using the Lucky Element. To determine the Lucky Element must to know the birth time. Although we don't have Mark's birth hour, we think Mark should have Strong Earth in his birth chart according to above-analysis. Therefore we have the following conclusion.

Metal brings him fame. Metal is connected to west. The western side of birth place makes him famous. Water brings him wealth. Water is connected to north. The northern side of a continent makes him rich. Wood is related to his career or power. Earth helps him spending money. Fire brings him negative reputation.

Mark Zuckerberg's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

Age/Year Major Cycle Stem and Branches Astrology Sign


Female MetalFemale Metal Male Metal Horse
Horse is Fire
Metal makes him smart. Fire is related to parents and education. Mark was interested in computer programming since teenager.


Female Metal Female Metal Sheep
Sheep in Earth
Metal represents his talent and performance. Sheep mainly contains Earth. Earth bring him more friends. Earth is the mother element of Metal. It helps and makes him famous. Sheep also contain Wood. Wood is career.  Wood of Sheep can link to the Male Wood of Year. That helps to build the foundation of his career.

Mark enrolled Harvard University in 2002. He dropped out of college for Facebook in 2004, which is Male Wood Monkey year. Monkey and Snake of Month relationship brought in Money (Water) to support Career (Wood).

Sheep contains little bit Fire. The Fire caused the lawsuit, which Facebook stole idea from Harvard Connection in 2006. Mark donated $100 million to save the failing Newark Public Schools in 2010. Time Magazine named him Person of the Year in 2010.


Male WaterFemale Water Male Water Monkey
Monkey is Metal
Water is Money. Male Water is the Easy Money Windfall Money Star. Monkey is Metal. Metal can generate more Water. Monkey of Major Cycle and Snake of Month Column have attraction relationship into Water. Metal reputation brings in more money.


Female WaterFemale Water
Female Water Chicken
Chicken is Metal
Water is money again. Chicken is Metal, which is reputation. Wealth and fame continue to come together. Chicken and Monkey of Day Column have good and strong Metal relationship. Female Water and Male Earth (Day Master) have attraction relationship into Fire. The social relationship is pretty good in this period. But Fire might bring him a negative news regarding money or female relationship.
Male WoodMale Wood
Male Wooden Dog
Dog is Earth
Wood is Career. Male Wood and Female Earth of Month Column have attraction relationship into Earth. Dog is Earth Earth represents his friends or business partners. Since there is no Water money income in this cycle, Mark has to share his money with them (Earth). Therefore, Earth is connected to money loss. This implies Mark might have bad investment or big donation to the charity. In short, money luck is poor in this 10 years without knowing his birth hour.

2012 is Male WaterMale WaterMale Water Dragon year. Male Water is the Windfall Money Star. Dragon is Earth and contains Water. Dragon is also called Water Dam. Therefore, 2012 is a very strong Water year. When Dragon meets with Rat of Year Column and Monkey of Day Column, they form the strongest attraction relationship into Water. Major Cycle and Yearly Cycle are full of Metal and Water. Money falls down from the sky. Money is everywhere on the ground. Zuckerberg was worth more than $19 billion, based on Facebook IPO price of $38 a share in May 2012.

Money and women are the same kind of element to a man, according to the theory of Chinese astrology. The Monkey, Rat and Dragon relationship involves Water, which is connected to money and woman. The relationship also involves the Branch of Day Column, which is the Spouse Palace in astrology. Mark wed his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan on May 19, 2012. Priscilla Chan is a Chinese-American and graduated from Harvard Medical school. In 2012, China still blocks access to

2013 is Female WaterFemale WaterFemale Water Snake year. Water is Money. Snake and Monkey of Major Cycle have attraction relationship into Water. The money luck is still strong. Female Water and Male Earth (Day Master) have attraction relationship into Fire. Therefore, Facebook's management and performance will be criticized. Snake and Monkey of Day Column have attraction relationship. The sweet marriage life is continuous.

Anyway, the current and next 10-Year Major Cycles give strong money opportunities to Mark Zuckerberg. But people's money luck always has up and down during Yearly Cycles. Above prediction is without the information of birth hour. To do the short term investment on Facebook, you still need to do your own home work.

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