Tom Cruise Baby Girl's Chinese Astrology

The Chinese Astrology Birth Chart of Suri Cruise

Suri, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, was born on 04/18/2006 around 3:00 a.m. daylight savings time. The astrology birth hour is around 2:00 a.m. standard time.


The following 10-God Birth Charts are from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software:

Birth Chart in Graphic Symbols
Birth Chart in Chinese Characters

Suri was born on the Red Cow day in the Water Dragon month of the Fire Dog Year. The Day Stem represents the person. Therefore, the Female Fire Female FireFemale Metalrepresents Suri. Day Stem is a.k.a. Day Master.

Suri was born in the end of Spring, 18 days before astrology Summer month. The Earth element became stronger on that day. Dog, Cow and Dragon are in the Earth element group, therefore Earth is the strongest element in the birth chart. Fire is the mother element of Earth. Earth can make Female Fire weak. Another Male Fire Male FireMale Firein the Yearly Column of the birth chart cannot help the Day Master, because Water Male WaterMale Waterin the Monthly Column block the way. There is no major Wood, the supporting (mother) element of Day Master, in the birth chart. Therefore Day Master Fire becomes very weak by comparing with Earth, Metal and Water.

When we cannot fight the strong enemy, one way to survive is to surrender. We need to choose enemy as the lucky element. Therefore, the lucky elements are Earth and Metal. Water is unpredictable. Water is the lucky element only when Metal is around and Wood is absent. Wood is the most unlucky element. Fire is not welcome, either.

Chinese astrology is talking about Yin Yang Five Elements. In general,

Cow, Sheep, Dog and Dragon are Earth.
Chicken and Monkey are Metal.
Rabbit and Tiger are Wood.
Rat and Pig are Water.
Horse and Snake are Fire.

To be more accurate,

Cow contains Yin Metal, Yin Earth, Yin Water.
Dog contains Yin Metal, Yang Earth, Yin Fire.
Dragon contains Yin Water, Yang Earth, Yin Wood.
Chicken contains Yin Metal. (more details)

From the Five Stars theory, we know that

  • Wood is the Parent Star
  • Fire is the Companion Star
  • Metal is the Money Star
  • Earth is the Fame Star
  • Water is the Career Star

The Five Stars can be distinguished by Yin and Yang, and are derived into 10-God relationships.
 We have the Suri's 10-God Relationship Chart on the right.


Element 10 Gods (Representatives)
Male WoodMale Wood  Mother Star Parents or mother Proper Care
Female WoodFemale Wood  Guardian StarBaby SitterUnbecoming Care
Male FireMale Fire  Contender Star Money Contenders Unfriendly Partners
Female FireFemale Fire  Friend Star Friend or Sibling Friendly Buddy
Male SoilMale Soil  Actor (Offending) Star Show off money Harsh Output
Female SoilFemale Soil  Artist (Food) Star Money for Food Gracious Output
Male MetalMale Metal  Property Star Angel Guide you Proper Wealth
Female MetalFemale Metal  Windfall Star Easy Money Godsend Wealth
Male WaterMale Water  Angel StarAngel Guide youProper Discipline
Female WaterFemale Water  Evil Star DisciplineUnbecoming Discipline

Since the major element of Dog, Dragon and Cow are Earth Fame Star, Suri will be a popular girl and will become famous easily. Earth is something out of Fire (Day Master). Therefore Earth is connected to behavior, thought, speech, outlook and etc. Earth is the lucky element; Suri will be smart and pretty.

Water is strong in the birth chart too. Water is the Career Star. The Male Water appears in the Month Column. Suri should have good Career opportunity before mid-age or marriage.

Water also represents men to Suri. Total of four Water are found in Month, Day and Hour columns. Day Master Fire is surrounded by Water; this means she always has boys around, and will have more than one choice for her marriage. Day Master Female Fire Female FireFemale Fireand Male Water Male WaterMale Water in the Month Column have attraction relationship. Male Water is her Husband Star. There is only one Male Water in the birth chart. She will choose the true love for her marriage, even she has to give up the career (Water). Male Water is on the Month Stem, so people can see her love story.

Total of four Female Metal Female Metal Female Metalare found in Year, Day and Hour columns. Female Metal is her Windfall Star Easy Money .  Windfall Star is like easy money; people can obtained readily with little or without effort. Metal is her lucky element, Suri was born rich or she will earn money quite easily.

Windfall Star also represents the father of the person. Wood is the mother element of Fire. Only one Female Wood Female WoodFemale Wood is hidden in the Month column. This tells us that Suri will be closer to her father more than her mother.

  Hour Day Month Year Note
Stem Female Metal Female Fire Male Water Male Fire Outside: People can see the fact
Branch Inside: Fact is hidden to people
Late Age

Middle age

Growing Age

Early Age
Whole Family

Birth Chart Astrology Information

In Chinese astrology birth chart, Year column is the information about the person's early age. Month column is about the growing age, Day column is the about the middle age and Hour column is about the older age. Stem row is the information about people's outward appearance. Branch row is the real and hidden side of people's life.

The Companion Stars show in the Year column, Suri will have the siblings. The Career/Husband Stars show in the Month column. The marriage shouldn't be late. The Fame and Money Stars are in the Day and Hour columns. She will be a rich woman.

In general, the structure of Suri's Chinese astrology birth chart has a very good shape. Female Metal, Male Water, Dog, Dragon and two Cows are found in the birth chart. Total of lucky symbols are six in the birth chart, which bring her the good foundation of her life.

Suri's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

Chinese astrology birth chart shows people's destiny. Chinese astrology 10-year major cycles reveals people's major fortune. To study people fortune, we always go from lucky elements first.

In short, Five Elements to Suri are

Age Major Cycle Stem and Branches Prediction
4-13 Female MetalMale Metal Female Metal Rabbit; Rabbit is Wood Female Metal is Father Star. Wood is Mother Star. She will be closer to her father in public, and is close to her mother at home.

Female Metal and Male Fire in Year Column have attraction relationship. Rabbit and Dog in Year Column have attraction relationship. Father focuses on kids. Mother is interested in fame.

14-23 Male Metal Male Metal Tiger; Tiger is Wood Male Metal is Money or Property. Wealth discloses to the public. Tiger contains Fire and Wood. In the year of Horse, Tiger and Dog in the Year Column have strong attraction relationship into Fire. Many friends will come around and money will need to be spent in order to treat them. In the year of Rabbit, Tiger and Dragon in Month Column have strong attraction relationship into Wood. Wood brings either bad reputation or over-protection from parents.
24-33 Female Earth Female Earth Cow; Cow is Earth Earth is the Fame Star. Extremely strong Earth will bring in the good reputation in this cycle.
34-43 Male Earth Male Earth Rat; Rat is Water Earth is the Fame Star. Rat and Cow in Day Column and Hour Column have attraction relationship into Earth. Fame is still with her. Day Branch is connected to marriage; there will be a good marriage life in this period.
44-53 Female Fire Female Fire Pig; Pig is Water Female Fire and Male Water in Month Column have attraction relationship. Female Fire is Friend Star. Male Water is Husband Star. It might be another female involved into marriage. Pig is Water, which is Husband Star or Career Star. There are four Earth animals in the birth chart. Water and Earth are opposite elements. That means it's not smooth in the career or marriage relationship.
54-63 Male Fire Male Fire Dog; Dog is Earth Male Fire and Female Metal in the Hour Column have attraction relationship. Male Fire is related to friends, siblings or relatives. Female Metal is money. That means that someone will appear for money and bring trouble in this period. Dog is the Fame Star. The popularity is still there.

The birth char has two Actor Stars and Artist Stars. Actor Star Show off money might bring her into movies career. Artist Star Money for Food might move her career behind the stage from age 44 cycle. Usually, a person has a kind heart with strong Artist Star. She might get this from the father.

The most important thing to a man in his life is the Career. To woman, marriage is the most important thing to her life.

A woman with strong Fame Star with Money Star has trouble to find the true love. Fame Star can help people to generate more income. A rich woman is hard to find the equal man. Many strong Fame Star women have difficult to control their emotion in public.  A woman with strong Actor Star doesn't fear men at all. If a man loses his respect from a woman, then the marriage won't last to long. For example, because strong Earth is the Fame Star and Water is the Husband Star, Earth can make Water disappear.

Suri's Day Master Female Fire and Husband Star Male Water in Month Column have attraction relationship. She is quite lucky that a man who can get along well with her is around. However, she only has to pay attention on marriage in the age 44-53 cycle.

For the Favorable (Lucky) Elements in Major Cycles Chart, we can see the best of 20 years is from age 24 to age 43. Age 44 to 53, the blue bar is lower, but the luck will come back after this period.

Not much Wood shows up in Suri's birth chart. No major wood can be found in the Major Cycle from age 24 to 63. So wood is weak during these periods. Wood is connected to the liver. If Suri works too hard for her career or business during this time, then her liver or eyes might be jeopardized. Keeping a happy mood will help the function of the liver.

The predictions here are only from the Major Cycles. The ending result for each events might be changed by the factor of Stem and Branch from the Yearly Cycles. In the other words, Chinese astrology can predict that the Five Element related events will happen. But without studying the Yearly Cycle, we won't know the ending result. Without studying the Monthly and Daily Cycles, we won't know when the events will start and stop.

All Chinese astrology prediction here is for entertainment purpose only.

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