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Chinese Fortune Angel   In the website, the page of Find your Lucky Element simply uses the smallest score method in the page of Find Lucky Elements By Yourself to determine people's Lucky Element. We believe this way can select the correct Lucky Element for about 70% of birth charts. But if you are serious about your Lucky Element, then you need to use Chinese Fortune Angel PC software to find the answer.

Chinese Fortune Angel PC software combines all the methods - Smallest Score, Cold and Hot, Foe and Friend, Disease and Medicine, and Bottleneck - mentioned in the Find Lucky Elements By Yourself page and analyzes with other special factors to determine your Lucky Element. It also suggests your Second Lucky Element and Lucky Animals at the same time.

The Lucky Element is the key to find people's fortune. If a wrong Lucky Element is selected, then the prediction may be incorrect.

The software has an analysis message in text format.

The analysis message also shows in HTML format.

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