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To bring up the Astrology Opportunity Charts screen, select Astrology from the menu bar, then click on the Opportunity Chart item from the drop down menu.

The Opportunity Chart combines the Five Elements Scores from the Yearly Cycles and Major 10-Year Cycles. From the Opportunity Chart, you can see which years hold Money or Career Opportunities for you.

To display the Opportunity Chart, select the birthday, time and gender, then click on the 5E in Cycles Chart button.
If the person's name is already in the database, click the People icon to popup the name listing and then Double-click on the person's name in the Name List popup window. The birthday, time and gender will automatically be filled into the Astrology Opportunity Charts Window.

By clicking the Opportunity Chart button, the Astrology Opportunity Charts window will display the person's birth chart. The Four Pillars (Eight Characters) chart is in the right hand corner. The Major 10-Year Cycles Chart is at the bottom. The Life Balance Chart is calculated and created by converting the symbols from both of these charts into the Five Element scores. The numbers shown on the Major 10-Year Cycles Chart are ages and calendar years.

The far right column of the Four Pillars Birth Chart is the YEAR calendar symbol. The following example shows the person was born in the year of the Rat. The third column from the right is the DAY calendar symbol. So the person was born on the Cow day. The symbol in upper row is called Heavenly Stem and the symbol in the lower row is called Earthly Branch. In Chinese astrology, the Stem of DAY column represents the person. The example shows this person is a Female Fire.

The Opportunity Chart will appear when you click the 5E in Cycles Chart button. The colors of Green, Red, Brown, Yellow and Blue in the chart represent the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water respectively. To learn more about the relationship between the Five Elements and Money or Career you can read Money and Career in the Five Elements.

There is an option to display the Five Elements in Line Chart format.

If the optional checkbox of Yearly Chart is selected from the Astrology Opportunity Charts window, then the Yearly Chart will be displayed.

Since the Five Element lines may be too crowded on the chart, you can click the radio button from the Astrology Opportunity Charts window to individually display only the Money, Job, Offspring, Friend or Helper element. The affinity (supporting) relationship among Five Elements explains how an element will be stronger if the supporting element is there. Therefore, when the option to Show Supporting Element is checked on the Astrology Opportunity Charts window then two affinity elements will be displayed in the chart together.

For example, the Money element is the supporting element of Career. If a person is looking for a job, he or she has a better chance of getting the position if the Money element is there.

Another example of opportunity would be when the Offspring element is the supporting element of Money. If a person has both Money and Offspring elements showing in the cycle, then he or she has a better Money opportunity during that period. The reason is that the Offspring element represents something that comes from within the person (i.e. creativity or intellect) which helps the person earn more money.

However, not everyone can earn more money during the Money Opportunity cycle. If the elements of YOU, your Friend and Helper are stronger than the elements of Money and Career or Money and Offspring, then you can catch the Money Opportunity. If the elements of YOU are weaker than the elements of Money and Career then you need to fight to win the money. Another way to find the chance to win the money is from the Life Balance Chart. If the Money Opportunity is found in your good years cycle, then the money is yours.

Select the checkbox option Extra Weight from Five Elements' Relations from the Astrology Opportunity Charts window to search the hidden opportunity of the elements from the Stems Affinity relationship and Branches Affinity relationship. If there are hidden scores found in the relationships, then the scores will be added in the chart.

To close the Opportunity Chart window, click on the Close icon.

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