Chicken - 2017 Chinese Zodiac in Year of Chicken

Years of Chicken : 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

ChickenIf your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Monkey, not Chicken. (Verify Your Sign)

In Chinese horoscopes, the sign of a Chicken meeting another Chicken is a jinx. It means that people born in the year of Chicken won't have good luck during any Chicken years. When Chicken meets another Chicken, it can be represented as a scene of a Chicken passing by a land with a local Chicken tyrant in charge. If the traveling Chicken can keep quiet and play it safe, then it will pass through the land safely. If the traveling Chicken wants to mess with or challenge the tyrant, then trouble will come to the traveling Chicken during its journey.

Therefore, if you are the traveling Chicken under someone elseís territory, you better be low-profile during that journey. Remember that it's normal that your social relationships, love relationship, money luck, or job development could encounter certain limitations in the year of Chicken.

Fortunately, the above isnít always true, as there are always exceptions. According to Chinese Yin Yang Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) astrology, our astrology birth chart is built by our birthday and birth time contains different amounts of Five Elements. Imbalanced Five Elements will bring us bad luck.

Chicken is connected to the season of fall. Chicken is connected to fruits, fog, dirty air, jewelry, and beauty. Chicken and Chicken together imply overproduction. They also imply dense fog, unclear vision, puzzles, negative thinking, or competition for beauty.

Chicken pursues perfection, romance, and beauty. Chicken doesn't have ambition and quite enjoys an easy life. Chicken is also related to the time period between 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., which is dinner time. Therefore, Chicken is connected to the joyful times after diligently working.

Chinese Zodiac Chicken vs. 2017 Year of Chicken

ChickenChicken 2017 is the Year of Red Chicken. You were born in the Year of Chicken. The following is the Red Chicken year prediction for people born in year of Chicken.

When Chicken meets another Chicken, this is a sign of negative thinking and self blame.

Career: If you are expecting a promotion, you may have a competitor. If you are working on a big project, then you will work closely with your coworkers. Chicken pursues perfection. If things go wrong, you won't complain about someone's mistakes, but will blame yourself. That implies social relationships in your career brings you pressure. If you need help in your career, you can ask assistance from Tiger. Tiger and Chicken cooperate well. Tiger can give you positive thinking and direction to accomplish your task.

Job Change: There is no sign showing you are ahead of the people around you. If you receive a job offer from a different company, then you should think twice before accepting the position. If you just started working for a new company, then you will feel new competition in the new working environment. A humble and polite attitude is very important to have when you are in unfamiliar territory. If you don't like this kind of challenge, then it's not a good time to move.

Wealth: Your money luck is good. But it requires a lot of energy and a hardworking spirit. People around you are also all looking for the opportunity to make money. All risky investments wonít be good to you. If someone asks you for a big return investment, then itís better to skip it. If someone asks for a loan from you, then you won't get it back soon. Any money investment done must be conservative during the Chicken years.

Love: There is no strong love relationship sign. If you are looking for your love, then you will see strong competition. However, if you meet with people who were born in Cow, Dragon, or Snake years, you will have a better opportunity to build relationships. If you are in love, then you and your lover may often insist on your own opinions. People born in the Snake year can act as a good mediator for both of you. If your relationship is shaky, you may end up blaming yourself and it will bring down your spirit and confidence.

Social Circle: You will have more your social activities during the cycle of Chicken. You should show your etiquette in public, offer favors to people and yield your opportunities to friends. Being polite and humble, you will become a popular figure in your social networks.

Quarrel: If you have an argument, dispute, or lawsuit with someone, then you better negotiate with your opponent. This sign shows an opposition that is truly equal. It will take time in order to deal with this incident. It will be hard for you to win this case. A quick truce for peace is a good approach for this situation.

Health: The air quality is very important to your health. Chicken is related to unhealthy air. Watch out for problems with dizziness, nose, bronchus, throat, lung, and other respiratory system issues. You should go to lakes, riversides, or beaches often during sunny days. If you feel unusual pain or sickness, itís best to have a close examination to make sure itís nothing tumor related.

General Fortune: If you accept challenges, face the competition, and strive for your goal, then a good result will come after.