Tiger - 2017 Chinese Zodiac in Year of Chicken

Years of Tiger : 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

TigerIf your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Cow, not Tiger. (Verify Your Sign)

2017 is year of the Chicken. Chicken is connected to fruits in the season of autumn. Tiger is connected to tall trees in early spring, which doesn't have too much heat. When Tiger meets Chicken, it means fruits on the tree, which is harvest time.

Tiger is a carnivore. Chicken is Tiger's prey. In Chinese Five Element astrology, Chicken is in the Metal group. Metal is afraid of Fire. Tiger is in the Wood group and contains little Fire. Tiger needs Fire energy to catch Chicken. In order to catch Chicken, Tiger needs to collect energy during the summer. Before taking the action, Tiger should follow Chicken and wait for the opportunity.

Tiger contains mainly Wood. Chicken is Female Metal. Metal is not afraid of Wood. That means this Chicken is not easy prey. Tiger needs to work hard order to win its trophy.

Tiger can reach its goals in career, money, and fame because of Chicken. Chicken can show its value to Tiger. Tiger and Chicken together can create opportunities and interests. They are good business partners.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger vs. 2017 Year of Chicken

TigerChicken 2017 is the Year of Red Chicken. You were born in the Year of Tiger. The following is the Red Chicken year prediction for people born in year of Tiger.

In order to win rewards, Tiger must aim for the target and take action on the right moment.

Career: Your career luck is good. Tiger is in the Wood group and Chicken is in the Metal group. Metal is the career star to you. That means a career opportunity coming toward you. But you will encounter a little challenge and you will need to take some time to overcome it. Improving your communication skills will help you with your career development, and bringing up your working spirit and enthusiasm will help you conquer challenges.

Job Change: Chicken is your career star. Your career luck is good. Basically, if a company offers you a job, then you should take it. But be careful on the timing. If it's close to harvest time in your current job, then you should consider a delaying any kind of relocation. Bring out your working passion, and you should be able to handle any challenges.

Wealth: The money luck looks good. The harvest will come in the fall. Chicken is related to the season of autumn. Tiger is related to the season of spring. Constant hard work is required for at least two seasons to see results. If you want a business and plan to expand it, then you need to know that a new business line is a long term project. Your current big income should be coming from the old business.

Love: The love relationship is great. Chicken is Female Metal. Besides containing Wood, Tiger also contains Male Fire. Male Fire and Female Metal together have a strong attraction relationship. Chicken is related to the husband or boyfriend star to Tiger. If you are a woman and looking for love, you have good opportunity to meet the man you have been waiting for. If you are a woman and are in love, then you will spend lots of time with your lover. You will appreciate this perfect match relationship.

If you are a man and are looking for love, then you will need patience for a love relationship. You just need to spend more time accompanying the girl you like and build the friendship first. You need to provide protection, not pressure. The sign is a man winning a woman’s heart with patience. This means a good ending will happen.

Social Circle: Chicken brings good fortune in money and career luck. But Chicken won't be there all the time. You should take advantage of your good luck while you have it to build good social relationships. You should provide support and care to the people around you. When your business or career needs people or advice in the future, then your help will be available.

Quarrel: If you have an argument or lawsuit with someone, then having negotiations should be your first action. If you are justified you will win, but it will take a long time.

Health: Chicken is related to unhealthy air. Watch out for any issues with dizziness, migraines, vision, throat, lungs, and other respiratory system problems.

Chicken is related to uneasily digested foods. Therefore, pay attention to the stomach, spleen, tumor, and intestines. If a serious chronic disease is present, then go to outside under the sun often.

General Fortune: The sign of the fortune is a tree covered with fruit. But you need to spend time and energy on watering, soiling, pruning, and fertilizing first.