2009 Chinese Astrology of Barack Obama

The Chinese Five Element Astrology

  Barack Hussein Obama, 44th United States President

  Education: Graduated: Columbia University (1983) and Law Degree from Harvard (1991)
  Career: U.S. Senator (2005), 44th US President (2009)
  Birth Date: August 4, 1961
  Birth Time: Birth Certificate shows 7:24 pm
  Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii
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The Barack Obama's Birth Certificate was shown on my.barackobama.com. The certificate shows his birth time was at 7:24 PM on August 4, 1961. The birth place is at Honolulu, Hawaii, which longitude is W157.52 degree. 7:24 PM is the Hawaii Standard Time of west longitude 150 degree time.  After longitude time adjustment (1 degree is 4 minutes), the local birth time becomes 6:55 PM. If we consider about the true solar time, the true local birth time is about 6:49 PM. 1961 is not a daylight saving time year. We assume the birth certificate is real, the correct birth chart is

Barack Obama was born on the Earth Snake Female Metal day in the Wooden Sheep month of the Metal Cow Year. The Day Stem (Day Master) represents the person. Therefore, the Brown Earth Female MetalFemale Earthrepresents Obama himself. Snake is in Fire group, and also contains Earth. Sheep and Cow are in Earth group. Fire is the Supporting element of Earth. Fire and Earth together are stronger than all other elements. That means Earth is very strong in the birth chart. We can say that Obama has a strong personality and good health.

When Cow, Snake and Chicken meet in the birth chart, they have very strong attraction relationship into Metal. This makes Day Master Female Soil Female Earth weak. The only element to support Day Master is the Sheep. But the strong Metal relationship also weakens the Sheep Earth. Plus, Sheep Earth is under controlled by Female Wood on its top. Without strong Fire supporting element in the birth chart, Day Master Female Soil Earth becomes too weak. In Chinese Astrology, this birth chart is called a "Fake Extremely Weak" case. Water, Metal and Wood are the lucky elements. Water is money, Wood is career and Metal is reputation to president Obama. Fire and Earth are unlucky elements. Fire represents bad reputation and Earth represents friends, siblings, coworkers and spending money.

Pig and Rat are in Water group. Monkey and Chicken are in Metal group. Rabbit and Tiger are in Wood group. Snake and Horse are in Fire group. Therefore, Rat and Pig bring him money. Monkey and Female Soil Chicken make him famous. Rabbit and Tiger give him career power. Snake and Horse bring him bad luck.

Cow Earth, Snake Fire and Chicken Metal relationship in the Natal Birth Chart tells us that Obama is good at bringing friends (Earth) and supporter (Fire) together into popularity (Metal). He always has many ideas in his mind, because Metal is something out of Earth (Obama). All elements and animals in his birth chart are female (Yin). That means he trends to keep some secrets from the public. The strong Metal (reputation) makes stronger Water (money). Wood is not strong enough, career doesn't bring him too much pressure. His birth chart is afraid of Fire - especially the Horse. Horse can bring Snake and Sheep together into strong Fire relationship to destroy the Metal relationship from Chicken, Snake and Cow combination. Luckily, he had suffered that miserable time during the first Major Cycle Wooden Horse before 1981 (Age 19).

Obama's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

Obama's birth chart shows earning money is easier to him than stepping up career position. The Wood career appearing his Major 10-year Cycles is from 2001 to 2020. 2008 is Male Earth Rat year, there is no Wood in three. It wasn't easy for him to become the 44th US president. Male Earth and Female Water in the Birth Chart have Attraction relationship into Fire. Obama had to fight for the bad reputation from Fire and spent Water money to win the presidential race, because Water can help Wood grow.

Age/Year Major Cycle Stem and Branches Astrology Sign
Female MetalFemale Metal Female Metal Rabbit
Rabbit is Wood
Metal represents good reputation. Metal makes him famous. Wood presents career. Rabbit cycle brings him more powerful position. He was serving in the Illinois Senate from 1997-2004. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. Obama received honorary doctorates of law from several universities in 2005-2007. He announced his presidential campaign in 2007 and becomes US president in 2009.
Male Metal Male Metal Tiger
Tiger is Wood
Metal is good reputation. Male Metal and Female Wood in the Month Column have an attraction relationship into the Metal. That means his career position makes him more famous. Tiger is good career cycle. But Tiger and Snake in the Day Column have hurting relationship, which is not good for the relatives, family or marriage relationship.

Obama's Chinese Astrology Coming Year Cycles

2009 Chinese Astrology for Barack Obama

Stem and Branch Astrology Sign
Female SoilFemale Soil
2009 is Earth Cow Year
Cow is in the Earth Group
Earth is the same element as the Day Master. Cow is Earth too. The Earth is an unlucky element to Obama. Therefore 2009 is a very tough year to him. Earth represents Obama's coworkers - his cabinet or other leaders in the world. That implies his administration and foreign affairs will bring him trouble. Earth is related to land. The crisis in the Real Estate market is still a big issue. The homeland security still needs lots of debate for the solution.

The argument, expansion and competition let Obama become a stronger determination person. When a man has a stronger personality, his marriage life will be impacted. However, Cow still contain a little bit Water. Water represents woman to Obama. Hopefully, he can spend that little time for his family. Another bad news is that his money luck is poor in 2009 comparing year 2008. Or he will have less achievements in 2009 than 2008.

When Cow meets Chicken and Snake in the Birth Chart, they will have a very strong attraction relationship into Metal. This tells us that his administration will deliver many proposal and make him famous.

We would like to briefly analyze his monthly astrological cycles of 2009

2009 Astrology Month Five Element Explanation
Female WoodFemale Wood
Female Wooden Cow
Wood is the Career Star. Cow, Chicken and Snake in the Birth Chart together have a  very powerful attraction relationship into Metal. The Inauguration Day is on January 20. Career and Fame come together.

Wood can bring the pressure on Earth. The pressure and stress of responsibilities to the nation is growing.

Male FireMale Fire
Male Fire Tiger
Tiger is in Wood group. The Female Wood in the Birth Chart gains the support from Tiger to make Wood grow taller. Tiger and Rabbit in the 10-year major Cycle together make even stronger Wood. Wood is the Career. Obama totally holds the power in his position.

Male Fire and Female Metal have attraction relationship into Water. The argument or disagreement of Fire come into this time. The plan or proposal from Obama will help him to solve the issue and win the control in financial area.

Female FireFemale Fire
Female Fire Rabbit
Rabbit are in Wood group. Rabbit is the strongest Wood in spring. The power of Career is very firm to Obama.

Fire is one of the unlucky element to Obama. Female Fire could hurt (melt) the female Metal in the Birth Chart and 10-year Major Cycle. Metal represents the good reputation. Fire is connected to bad reputation. That means the Female Fire brings the negative voices to Obama. His idea and plans will be questioned by many.

Male SoilMale Soil
Male Earth Dragon
Dragon is in Earth group. This is a month of strong Earth. Obama has full energy in communication with his administration. He needs to battle for his idea with his cabinet or foreign countries. He has trouble to conquer people and deliver his plans.

Dragon and Chicken in the Birth Chart have attraction relationship into Metal. Metal is something out of Earth. That implies that Obama's cabinet will disclose the new proposals. Dragon contains a little bit of Water. One of the proposals might be a financial plan.

Dragon and Rabbit in the 10-year Major Cycle have some degree of attraction relationship into Wood. The Career Star is still strong.

Female SoilFemale Soil
Female Earth Snake
Snake is in Fire group. Fire is the mother element of Earth. This is another strong Earth month. The disagreement in the his administration or foreign affairs still exist. Fire is unlucky element, related to poor reputation and connected to Obama's supporters. People begin to show the disappointment on Obama administration. Obama was born on the Female Earth Snake Day, this will be a difficult month to Obama.

Luckily, Snake in this month and Chicken, Cow in the Birth Chart have attraction relationship into Metal. Hopefully, Obama can come out something in the end of the month.

Male Metal
Male Metal Horse
Metal is something delivering out of Earth. The new idea should deliver from Obama administration. Metal Metal and Female Wood in the Birth Chart have attraction relationship into Metal. That means the new plans will be supported by many people.

However, Horse is in Fire group. Horse is the strongest element in summer. Horse and Sheep, Snake in the Birth Chart form the strongest Fire relationship. Metal is afraid of Fire. That implies there are some people against the new idea. Some plans might be killed.  Obama administration cannot gain too much credit in the end.

Female MetalFemale Metal
Female Metal Sheep
Metal is the idea or proposals suggested from Obama administration. Sheep is in the Earth group. Sheep and Cow in the Birth Chart and Yearly Cycle have fighting relationship. Cow is in the Earth group, too. Earth stands for competition, challenge, expansion and social activities. Obama will be busy in working with his cabinet or leaders of foreign countries. But the argument and debate are heat up behind the scene.

Obama administration shows good plan on the book, but something are still struggle under the table. Unstable Earth cannot focus to support the Metal.

 Male WaterFemale Water
Male Water Monkey
Monkey is in the Metal group. Both Water and Metal are the lucky elements to Obama. Metal is something out of Earth, Obama administration. Water is something conquered by Earth. Metal is related to Obama's idea or proposals. His plans will reach some degree of achievement. Water is also related to money or finance. His good reputation will help him to win the support in the economic plan.

Monkey meets the Chicken in the Birth Chart form even stronger Metal. Obama will get more support from American people.

Female WaterFemale SoilFemale Water
Female Water Chicken
Chicken is in the Metal group. Chicken is the strongest Metal element. Chicken and Cow, Snake in the Birth Chart have powerful attraction Metal relationship. Metal is the mother element of Water. Water represents money. The economic strategy should appear a beam of the good sign. Obama administration should feel to easily handle the financial situation.

Strong Metal not only brings sound recognition, but also brings the economic luck to the Obama administration.

Male WoodMale Wood
Male Wooden Dog
Dog is in the Earth group and it also contains Fire. Male Wood and Female Earth have the attraction relationship into Earth. The the expansion of leadership in domestic or abroad will face the challenge. Or some disagreement appear in the cabinet.

Dog and Chicken in the Birth Chart have some attraction relationship, which can bring some credit to the Obama administration. But Dog and Rabbit in the 10-Year Major Cycle have attraction relationship into Fire. The leadership of Obama will be questioned. The bad reputation will come along.

Female WoodFemale Wood
Female Wooden Pig
Pig is in Water group. Water is money. Good financial luck will come. Wood is the Career. Water makes Wood growing and stronger. Pig and Sheep in the Birth Chart and Rabbit in the 10-year Major Cycle form a very powerful Wood relationship. The excellent leadership opportunity arrives in this monthly cycle. The poor image of Career performance in the last month will be totally recovered.

However, it's required money to build this Career opportunity. In short, money will be in, then out and career will definitely come. Pig is the Travel Star to Day Master Female Earth. Therefore, Obama will be out of office more than other months.

Male FireMale Fire
Male Fire Rat
Pig in Water group. Male Fire and Female Metal in the Birth Chart and 10-year Major Cycle have attraction relationship into Water. Water represents money. That means the economic luck will be good in this month.

However, Rat and Cow in the Birth Chart or Cow in 2009 have the attraction relationship into Earth. That means Obama administration sounds like holding a good position in control of financial situation, but the expectation cannot be fully satisfied.

Basically, Spring brings Obama's career luck, Summer brings him poor luck, Autumn brings him good reputation and Winter brings him money luck. 2009 is a difficult year for president Obama. He has lots of pressure beginning from January. Summer is a tough season for him. His situation will be turning from August. Hopefully, we can see the some good sign in economy in the end of the year. Year 2010 is a Metal Tiger year, which will be easier for him the lead the nation.

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