Barack Obama Birth Certificate for Chinese Astrology


Barack Hussein Obama, United States Senator from Illinois, is the Democratic candidate for president in 2008.

Education: Graduated: Columbia University (1983) and Law Degree from Harvard (1991)
Career: U.S. Senator (2005)
Birth Date: August 4, 1961
Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii

2009 Chinese Astrology of Barara Obama

The Barack Obama's Birth Certificate appears on to prove his a US citizen. We can see his birthday is August 4, 1961 and his birth time is 7:24 PM. His birth place is at Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii.

The following is his correct birth chart. The prediction for his US Presidential Race is at 2008 Chinese Horoscope of Barack Obama page.

Note: Local Birth Time is adjusted by the city longitude and true solar time to 6:49 PM

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2009 Chinese Astrology of Barara Obama

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