Feng Shui 123: Living between Heaven and Earth, people should follow the rules of Nature. Feng Shui teaches us how to find and go with good energy current from our surrounding environment - Wind, Water, Mountain, and Lake.

Feng Shui house

Feng Shui is from Chinese Yin Yang and I-Ching. The theory is how a human being fits into the universe. Human beings live between Heaven and Earth. We need to follow the law of Nature. Heaven reveals the messages to us by time. Feng Shui is the theory of the Earth. If we follow the rules of Heaven and Earth, then you should have a peaceful life. The Purple White Flying Stars of Feng Shui tell When is the lucky time for you and Where is the suitable place for you as long as you know Who you are.

The Purple White Flying Stars is one of the advanced Chinese Feng Shui theories using by Feng Shui professional consultants. The theory of Flying Stars is a Lo Shu Square application. Feng Shui Magic Square There are nine numbers, one to nine, inside the Magic Square. Each number represents the Chinese I-Ching Trigrams, which are connected to directions, five elements, geographical objects, the Nature phenomena, family members, colors, and time. The numbers will move to different positions as the time passing. In Feng Shui, the magic square is called Nine-Kua (Kua means palace) diagram. The numbers are nine Flying Stars. The center number is called Kua-number to identify the different diagrams.

The Kua-number will be different each year. People born in a different year have different Kua numbers. People are called Eastern Type people if their kua numbers are 1, 3, 4, or 9. The Kua numbers of Western Type people are 2, 6, 7, or 8. Find Your Kua Number and Feng Shui Type.

Eastern Houses vs. Western Houses

We can distinguish an Eastern Type or Western Type House by the year it's built. But most of the time, we don't know the house's building year. Therefore, Feng Shui professionals use a different method. They determine the Eastern Type or Western Type House by the orientation of the house. Find the Kua Number and Feng Shui Type of your house.

Xun Wood
Li Fire
Kun Earth
Zhen Wood
Dui Metal
Ken Earth
Kan Water
Chien Metal

A house facing West, North, South, or Northwest is an Eastern Type house. That means the backyard of an Eastern Type House is in the East (3), South (9), North (1), or Southeast (4) side. A house facing East, Northeast, Southwest, or Southeast is a Wastern Type house. The backyard of a Western Type House is in the West (7), Southwest (2), Northwest (6), and Northeast (8) side.

Therefore, there are eight types of Feng Shui houses.

Lucky Rooms in Eastern and Western Houses

The auspicious areas of an Eastern Type House are in the East, Southeast, South, and North corners. The auspicious areas of a Western house are in the West, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast corners. The auspicious areas are good for the master bedroom, study room, living room, or home office. Find a Lucky Place in Your House.

It's easy to find a bedroom for people whose Feng Shui Type matching the house. That means Eastern Type people should live in an Eastern House. Also, the Eastern Type person should sleep in the Eastern Type bedroom. It's the same that Western Type people should live in a Western House. The house and room can boost your good energy, bring you good health, improve your social connection, and the love relationship.

Feng Shui Finds Your Compatible Roommate

You can know people's Feng Shui Type if you know their birthdays. If you want to live with someone in the same house for a longer time, then you should choose the same Feng Shui Type people. Feng Shui professionals suggest we should find a Feng Shui Type spouse for a long-lasting marriage. The reason is simple. You can sleep in the same auspicious bedroom.

If you share an apartment with someone, it's a better idea that your roommate or partner has the same Feng Shui Type. In this way, you can get along well. Both of you can live with a harmonious mood. Feng Shui - Find a Compatible Roommate

Chinese Feng Shui

Great Window Living Room
"Feng Shui people living Feng Shui house" means people should live in the houses fit them. The rule is simple. The Eastern Feng Shui Type of people live in Eastern Feng Shui Type house. The Western Feng Shui Type of people live in Western Feng Shui Type house. Just following this rule, Feng Shui can help you to have a cozy, harmonic, and energized lifestyle.
Feng Shui Flying Stars
The Flying Stars are nine numbers in the Lo Shu magic square. We identify the different Flying Star Square by the center number. The center number is called the Kua number. Kua numbers are differentiated into two groups. The Kua numbers of 1, 3, 4, and 9 are in the Eastern group. The Kua numbers of 2, 6, 7, and 8 are in the Western group.
Love Seat
If you have a choice to select your roommate or partner to live in the same room or house, then you should find a person who has the same Feng Shui type with you. In short, we would like to find a Feng Shui house fitting both of you. So you and your roommate will feel comfortable living in the house. What you need is the birth year of your roommate. It's better to know the birthday.
Houses On Hill
If you are looking for a great career opportunity, successful business, academic achievement, good love relationship, or healthy body and mind, then you can follow the Flying Star guideline of our Feng Shui Chronicles to find your workroom or bedroom. Feng Shui can help us to reach our goal easier. You have to do some changes each year. In short, you need to chase the Purple White Flying Stars.