Feng Shui Flying Stars travel to differnt places every day, every month, and every year. That means good Feng Shui energy moves around the houses over the time. Since Yearly Flying Stars will stay in fixed locations for a year long, we here focus on the applications of Yearly Flying Stars. We can tell people the auspicious rooms or unlucky areas in a house by a given year.

Feng Shui Houses

Yearly Feng Shui Flying Stars tell us where good airflows (energy or Chi) are from the diagram of Purple White Flying Stars. Each house has its diagram of Flying Stars, too. When the energies of Yearly Flying Stars meet the Feng Shui energies of the house, good feng Shui chi will flow and gather to certain areas. The theory of the overlapping Flying Stars tells us which corners of the house bring people good luck and fortune.

Feng Shu Magic Square The diagram of the nine-palace Flying Stars is identified by the center number, which is called Kua Number. Since nine Flying Stars are connected to I-Ching and Five Elements, Chinese name Flying Stars with colors. They are White 1, Black 2, Green 3, Green 4, Yellow 5, White 6, Red 7, White 8, and Purple 9.

The White 1, White 6, White 8, and Purple 9 of Flying Stars are auspicious. Green 3 and Green 4 of Flying Stars are next auspicious. Black 2, Red 7, and Yellow 5 of Flying Stars are inauspicious. When a pair of the Flying Stars meet together, they will form a special Feng Shui energy and bring differnt or special luck to people. For example,

  • White 1 and Green 9 together in a room help women conceive a baby boy
  • White 6 and White 8 together can increase your wealth
  • White 8 and White 8 together bring you vey good fortune
  • Black 2 and Yellow 5 together will jeopardize people's health
  • Green 3 and Red 7 bring you a lawsuit or money loss
  • White 8 and Purple 9 enhance the love and marriage opportunity
  • Black 2 and White 6 increase the romantic and love relationship
  • White 6 and Red 7 is a sign of legal dispute and poor health
  • Purple 9 and Red 7 together could have a chance of fire accident
  • Multiple Yellow 5 together bring people bad luck

We can check some comninations above in your house. You need to tell us origintation of the house and what year to check.

Look for Auspicious Rooms fo the Year

Select the direction of the front gate of your house

Chinese Feng Shui

Love Seat
If you have a choice to select your roommate or partner to live in the same room or house, then you should find a person who has the same Feng Shui type with you. In short, we would like to find a Feng Shui house fitting both of you. So you and your roommate will feel comfortable living in the house. What you need is the birth year of your roommate. It's better to know the birthday.
House between Heaven and Earth
Feng Shui is from Chinese Yin Yang and I-Ching. It teaches a human being to fit into the universe. We live between Heaven and the Earth. We need to follow the law of Nature. Heaven reveals messages by time. Feng Shui studies the environment. To follow the rules of Heaven and Earth, we can have a peaceful life. The Purple White Flying Stars of Feng Shui tell When is the lucky time for us and Where is the advantageous place for us as long as we know Who we are.
Feng Shui Flying Stars
The Flying Stars are nine numbers in the Lo Shu magic square. We identify the different Flying Star Square by the center number. The center number is called the Kua number. Kua numbers are differentiated into two groups. The Kua numbers of 1, 3, 4, and 9 are in the Eastern group. The Kua numbers of 2, 6, 7, and 8 are in the Western group.
Home Office
Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 began to spread US big cities in March 2020. The White House and CDC urged people to stay at home as much as possible. Many employees are working at home. Many students are studying at home. They need to find a place in the house as the office or study room. Chinese Feng Shui can help students to find their intelligent rooms for studying. It also can help company employees to find their productivity rooms at home.