What are the Feng Shui Purple White Flying Stars? They are White Star #1, Black Star #2, Green Star #3, Green Star #4, Yellow Star #5, White Star #6, Red Star #7, White Star #8, and Purple Star #9. All nine stars are called Purple White Flying Stars. The positions of Feng Shui Flying Star are changing with time. We use the Lo Shu Magic Square Feng Shui Magic Square to label their positions.

Feng Shui Flying Star Heaven-Human-Earth

The complete calendar cycle of Purple White Flying Stars is 180 years, which contains nine 20-Year Periods, Major Cycles. The current Major Cycle is Period #8 from 2004 to 2023. White Star #8 is in charge of Period 8. The Five Element of White Star #8 is the Earth. The Flying Stars have Yearly, Monthly, Daily, and Hourly cycles. White Star #1, White Star #6, and White Star #9 are the most auspicious Flying Stars. The next lucky star is Purple Star #9. That's why the Chinese like to choose number 168 or 888 as the street number, license plate number, or phone number.

Purple White Flying Stars are developed from Late Heaven Hexagrams (Pa Kua) with Lo Shu Magic Square. The Flying Star numbers in the Lo Shu Major Square can represent the Chinese I-Ching Trigrams, which are connected to directions, five elements, geographical objects, natural phenomena, family members, colors, and time. In Feng Shui, the magic square is called the Nine-Palace diagram. The numbers are nine Flying Stars. The center number is called Kua-number to identify the different diagrams... Introduction of Feng Shui Magic Square Flying Stars

Feng Shui People in Feng Shui House

All Chinese philosophies are from I-Ching. Human beings live between Heaven and Earth. We should follow the law of Nature. We want to know the cycle of the sky and the environment surrounding us. That means you want to study the Flying Star calendar and the house we live in.

The Kua numbers will move to different positions as the time passing. Since Kua number changes every year, people born in a different year have different Kua numbers. People are called Eastern Four Type people if their Kua Numbers are 1, 3, 4, or 9. The Kua numbers of Western Four Type people are 2, 6, 7, or 8.

We can identify an Eastern or Western House by the year it's built. But sometimes we don't the building years of old houses. Chinese Feng Shui developed a theory to determine the Feng Shui House Type by the orientation of the house. If a house facing West, North, South, or Northwest is an Eastern Four Type house. If a house facing East, Northeast, Southwest, or Southeast is a Western Four Type house.

The Eastern Four Type people should live in an Eastern Four Type House. The Western Four Type people should live in a Western Four Type House...Heaven, Earth, and Human of Feng Shui

Your Kua Number and House Kua Number

Kua No.Kua symbolType
1 White Kan WaterEastern
3 Green Chen ThunderEastern
4 Green Sun WindEastern
9 Purple Li FireEastern
2 Black Kun EarthWestern
6 White Chien HeavenWestern
7 Red Tui LakeWestern
8 White Ken MountainWestern

The Kua Numbers of White 1, Green3, Green 4, and Purple 9 are the Eastern Four type. The Kua Numbers of Black 2, White 6, Red 7, and White 8 are the Western Four type. How can I know my Kua Number? What's the Kua Number of a house?

The Kua Number represents the identity of the Purple White Flying Star. Just like Chinese zodiacs, the Flying Stars shift to different locations each year. That means people's Kua Number is determined by the birth year and we need people's birth date to know the Kua Number. Chinese Feng Shui uses the Chinese astrology Stem-Branch calendar. Therefore, we have an application to find your Kua Number and the Flying Star diagram.

If we know the Kua Number of the House, then we will know the auspicious places in the house using the Flying Star diagram. As long as you know the orientation of your house facing, then we can tell you the Kua Number of the house. Also, you will know your house is the Eastern Four type or the Western Four type. Find Kua Number of the House by the facing direction of the House.

Combining these two applications, you will know you should live in the Eastern Four house or the Western Four house. If you want to live with someone for a longer time, then you can look for the same Feng Shui Type person to live in the same Feng Shui Type House. Feng Shui - Find a Compatible Roommate

Advanced Purple White Flying Star Applications

The Purple White Flying Stars just like the patrol officers and move to different places each calendar cycle. To take the most advantage of the Flying Stars might need to make different arrangements in the house every year. For some particular cases, people even have to move to a different house. If they cannot afford to move, they will move to a different room in the current house during the special period.

Base on the philosophy of Heaven, Earth, and Human, people need to fit into the Heaven and Earth environment. The overlapping the people's Flying Stars diagram with Heaven or Earth Flying Stars diagram becomes a profound theory. It talks about what will happen when two Flying Stars or two Kua Numbers meeting together in the same place. We select some useful applications in the following.

Coronavirus pandemic forces people to work at home. We need to find a spot as the home office to increase our work productivity and efficiency.
If you are looking for love, you can find a bedroom of love energizer to help you to have more opportunities to meet an ideal partner.
If you prepare for an academic examination, then you should study in a wisdom room. If you want your children to have a good education, then you need to find a wisdom room for your intelligent children.
Many young couples would like to have a baby boy in the family. This Feng Shui application helps women to conceive a baby boy by choosing a Yang bedroom to sleep.
This is the most useful page for people to look for a rich house, love house, intelligent house, or health house. It also tells people about the debt house and bad luck house.

Feng Shui Flying Star Calendar

The complete calendar cycle of the Purple White Flying Star is 180 years. The complete cycle includes three 60-year big periods. Each big period contains three 20-year small periods. For Feng Shui application, we just need to know the current 20-year cycle.

The calendar of Feng Shui Flying Star is not in the Kua Number sequence. It involves the zodiac calendar and the stem-branch calendar. It's quite complicated. You can inquire about the Kua Number from the yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly cycles in the following links.

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