Chinese Horoscope of Sean Preston Federline

Britney Spears Lost Custody of Her Kids in October 2007

Britney Spears lost physical custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James on October 1, 2007. Los Angeles County judge ruled that the boys’ father, Kevin Federline, will retain full custody from October 3, 2007. The major decision was made by the record of Spears’ driving-without-a-license charge.

Sean Preston, the son of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, was born on 09/14/2005 around 13:00 p.m. daylight savings time. From Sean's Chinese Birth Chart, we can find out his relationship with parents.

Review Parents Relationship from Sean Federline's Birth Chart

Sean was born on the White Metal Cow Female Metal day in the Wooden Chicken month of the Wooden Chicken Year. The Day Stem (Day Master) represents the person. Therefore, the White Metal Female MetalFemale Metalrepresents Sean himself. Metal is the strongest element in the Chicken month. Also, there is another Chicken in the Year column. That means Metal is very strong in the birth chart. From the Five Element scores, we can see that there is too much Metal and Earth in the birth chart. This means that Water, Wood and Fire are needed to balance the birth chart.

Sean's Five Element Scores

We can say that Water, Wood and Fire are the lucky elements to Sean. Earth and Metal are the unlucky elements. When the Day Master is Metal, according to the Five Stars theory, we know that Earth is the Parent Star; Metal is the Companion Star; Wood is the Money Star; Water is the Fame Star and Fire is the Career Star. The Five Stars can be distinguished by Yin and Yang (Female and Male), and are derived into 10-God relationships. To see the parents relationship, we need to see the 10-God Birth Chart.

Birth Chart in Graphic Symbols Birth Chart in Chinese Characters

Sean's Day Master is Female Male Female MetalFemale Metal. Then

Elements 10 Gods Representatives
Male WoodMale WoodMale Wood  Property Star Angel Guide you Proper Wealth Spouse or Girl Friends
Female WoodFemale WoodFemale Wood  Windfall Star Easy Money Godsend Wealth Father
Male SoilMale SoilMale Earth  Mother Star Parents or mother Proper Care Mother or Someone Protect Sean
Female SoilFemale SoilFemale Earth  Guardian StarBaby SitterUnbecoming Care Mother or Mother Substitute

There are four Female Wood, Windfall Easy Money, Father Stars in the birth chart and two Female Earth, GuardianBaby Sitter, Mother Stars hiding in the branches of birth chart. This means Sean has more opportunity staying with Father than Mother in his life. Father Star is Wood, which is the Lucky Element. Sean will be close to his father and he can get help and good advice from father all the time.

Mother Star is Earth, which is an unlucky element. Sean's Day Master is strong. Eventually, he will be very independent guy. He doesn't need too much protection. Sean won't get any benefit, if mother is over-protected or over-supervised.

The first Major 10-year Cycle of Sean is Wooden Monkey Male Woodfrom age 2 to 11. Monkey is in Metal group. No Mother Star shows in the there. The second Major Cycle is Water Sheep Female Water from age 12 to 21. Sheep is in the Earth group. So mother will spend more time with Sean in this cycle.

The Day Branch contains the information of the spouse. The Female Soil Cow is inside the Day Branch. Cow contains Earth, a Mother Star. The Spouse Star is Male Wood. Wood and Earth have the fighting relationship. It's a little but tough for Sean's wife to handle the in-law problem.

Too Many Fighting Relationships

The Year and Month Column of the Birth Chart are Wooden Chicken Female WoodFemale Soil. Chicken is in Metal Group. Wood and Metal are opposite elements. They have fighting relationship.  The Hour Column is Wooden Sheep Female WoodFemale Soil. Sheep is in Earth Group. Wood and Earth are opposite elements. They have fighting relationship. Female Soil in Day and in Hour have fighting relationship. Female Soil in Year and Female Soil in Month have self-hurting relationship. The first Major Cycle is  Wooden Monkey Male Wood. Monkey is Metal. The second Major Cycle is Water Sheep Female Water. Sheep is Earth. Water and Earth have fighting relationship again. This means there are many relative problems around him. He need to be watched for his personality and behavior development. Certainly, he need to be watched for the safety to avoid accident.

More information at Sean's Chinese Astrology 10-God Birth Chart.

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