Chinese Five Element Astrology for Michael Jackson

Chinese Astrology reveals the secret of the Fame, Money, Career and Death of Michael Jackson

 Michael Joseph Jackson, an American singer, songwriter, recording artist, entertainer and businessman

 Career: Won 22 American Music Awards, 19 Grammy Awards and held multiple Guinness World Records
 Birth Date: August 29, 1958
 Birth Time: (1) unknown  (2) Birth Time Discussion  (3) 18:00 p.m. Our Chinese Astrology Best Guess
 Birth Place: Gary, Indiana
 Died: June 25, 2009

It was shocking news that Michael Jackson had died in the afternoon of June 25, 2009. People are still looking for the reason of his death. We didn't study Michael Jackson's Chinese astrology birth chart before because we don't have his correct birth time. There are many rumors about Michael Jackson's birth time from different or unknown sources. Some of the supposed times are 7:54 a.m., 11:45 p.m., 1:30 a.m., 9:00 p.m. and 12:54 p.m. The birth hour information in Chinese astrology is related to people's old age and relationship with children. People have many questions about his children. As long as we get the answer from there, then we should know which birth hour most fits his life.

Without the birth hour, we cannot know why Michael's life ends in the 2009 Earth Cow year. However, we still can see through his talent, career and wealth from his Chinese Astrology birth chart. This is not a difficult job, because we have a clue - Michael owned around $300 million in 1991.

Michael Jackson's Chinese Astrology Birth Chart without Birth Hour
Chinese Astrology is a theory of Five Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.

The Five Element Scores without birth hour
There are too much Earth and Metal elements in the birth chat.
Water is the lucky element, which can release the energy accumulated at Earth and Metal.
Fire is not a lucky element, because Fire can generate more Earth.

The following 10-God Birth Charts are from Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software:
The right-most column is the Year Column, which contains information about early age.
The middle column is Month Column, which contains information of growing up and family.
The left-most column is the Day Column, which contains information of middle age and marriage.

Birth Chart in Graphic Symbols without Hour Column Birth Chart in Chinese Characters without Hour Column

Michael Jackson was born on the Male Earth Tiger Female Metal day in the Metal Monkey month of the Earth Dog Year. The upper row of the Day Column is called Day Master (or Day Stem) and represents the person. Therefore, Female MetalMale Earth Male Earth represents Michael himself. Tiger is in the Wood group and contains Wood and Fire and little Earth. Dog in the Year column is in the Earth group. There are three Earth in the birth chart, so Earth is strong. Monkey in the Month column is in the Metal group. Michael was born in the autumn and Metal is the strongest element in the fall.

The year column contains strong Earth. Earth is the same type of element to Michael, so Michael has lots of siblings. Metal is something out of Earth. Metal represents Michael's expression, appearance, talent or performance. Since Metal is strong in the birth chart, it brings him very good reputation. Earth can conquer and win over Water. Water is related to money. There is a little bit Water in the birth chart, so Michael's family didn't have a good financial status when he was born. Because the father is the person to bring in money when we are young, father is connected to money. Money is Water to Michael, and he had a lesser relationship with Father. Earth is afraid of Wood, as Wood can overwhelm Earth. Wood gives Earth pressure, discipline and restriction. There is only a little Wood in Michael's birth chart, so Michael spent and wasted lot of money without any restraint.

The Tiger in the Day Column represents his marriage and spouse. Tiger mainly contains Wood. Wood can interfere with Michael's (Earth) freedom. If Wood wants to attack Earth, the strong Metal will fight back for Michael. Tiger and Monkey in the Month Column have a Hurting Relationship, which implies his spouse cannot get along with his family. That means it's hard to be his wife.

In short, Metal brings him fame. Water brings him wealth. Wood brings him career, pressure or lawsuit. Fire brings him bad reputation. Earth brings him money loss. Therefore, Water is his Lucky Element. To know more about the Chinese astrology, we need to break down Five Elements by Yin Yang into 10 elements.

Chinese astrology is talking about Five Elements. In general,

Cow, Sheep, Dog and Dragon are Earth.
Chicken and Monkey are Metal.
Rabbit and Tiger are Wood.
Rat and Pig are Water.
Horse and Snake are Fire.

To be more accurate,

Cow contains Yin Metal, Yin Earth, Yin Water.
Sheep contains Yin Fire, Yin Earth, Yin Wood.
Snake contains Male Fire, Male Earth, Male Metal. (more details)

From the Five Stars theory, we know that

  • Earth is the Companion Star
  • Metal is the Fame Star
  • Water is the Money Star
  • Wood is the Career Star
  • Fire is the Parent Star

The Five Stars can be distinguished by Yin and Yang, and are derived into 10-God relationships.
 We have Michael Jackson's 10-God Relationship Chart on the right.

Element 10 Gods (Representatives)
Male WoodMale Wood  Evil Star DisciplineUnbecoming Discipline 
Female WoodFemale Wood  Angel StarAngel Guide youProper Discipline 
Male FireMale Fire  Guardian StarBaby SitterUnbecoming Care
Female FireFemale Fire  Mother Star Parents or mother Proper Care
Male SoilMale Soil  Friend Star Friend or Sibling Friendly Buddy 
Female SoilFemale Soil  Contender Star Money Contenders Unfriendly Partners 
Male MetalMale Metal  Artist (Food) Star Money for Food Gracious Output
Female MetalFemale Metal  Actor (Offending) Star Show off money Harsh Output
Male WaterMale Water  Windfall Star Easy Money Godsend Wealth
Female WaterFemale Water  Property Star Angel Guide you Proper Wealth

A Friend or Sibling Friend Star on the top of Friend or Sibling Friend Star in the Year Column (Earth Dog) implies a person has elder siblings and likes to help the financial problems of relatives or friends. He easily gets into trouble because of friendships and sometimes still feels lonely. It also indicates that the person has little relationship with the father figure and marriage will be late.

An Money for Food Artist Star on the top of Money for Food Artist Star in the Month Column (Metal Monkey)  implies the person has the chance to become rich and famous. He also enjoys food and relaxation in his life. But it also signifies that his parents had a low income when he was born. Also the person has more than 3 brothers, who will all do their own business when growing up.

Day Master Male Earth Female Metal is on the top of Discipline Evil Star (Earth Tiger). This implies the person's spouse has a bad temper, and the two may have quarrels often.

The next step is to look at Michael Jackson's 10-Year Major Cycles. We can roughly see a person's rise and fall during his life from the 10-Year Major Cycles using the Lucky Element. To determine the Lucky Element must to know the birth time. Although we don't have Michael's birth hour, we do know Michael had $300 million asset in 1991. That means he must have earn a lot during 1981-1990 Water Pig cycle. Pig is in the Water group. This tells us 1981-1990 is a very strong Water period. Since the Day Master is Male Earth, therefore Water represents money to Michael. Water must be the Lucky Element, otherwise Michael would have been in big debt during Water Pig cycle.

If Water is the Lucky Element, then Day Master Male Earth must be stronger than Water, Wood and Metal. Because Metal is also strong in the birth chart, Earth must be stronger than Metal. The clue tells us the birth time of Michael Jackson must contain Earth.

The strong Day Master Earth derives the following conclusion. The lucky elements are Water and Metal. The unlucky elements are Earth and Fire. Wood is the opposite element to Metal; we want to put Wood into unlucky element group. Therefore, Water brings him money, Metal makes him famous, Wood creates pressure on him, Fire brings bad reputation and Earth helps him spending money.

Michael's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

Age/Year Major Cycle Stem and Branches Astrology Sign


Female MetalFemale SoilFemale Metal
Female Metal Chicken
Chicken is Metal
Chicken contains Female Metal, which is the Artist Star. It's an easy job for Michael to show his performance talent to the public during this strong Metal cycle. Michael was in the family musical group in 1962. He became a member of Jackson 5 in 1968. He got fame, but not money, because of no present Water element.
Male WaterFemale Water
Male Water Dog
Dog is Earth
Water represents money income. Dog is Earth, which is spending money. But Dog contains some Metal. That means money can buy fame. Michael had his first No. 1 single Ben in 1972. Jackson 5 signed a contract with CBS in 1975 and had TV variety show from 1976 to 1977. He stared movie ‘The Wiz’ with Diana Ross in 1977 and released his first solo album, which sold over 20 million copies worldwide in 1979. The same year he broke his nose with unsuccessful surgery. Jackson won 3 American Music Awards in 1980, which was a Metal Monkey Year. Monkey is in the Metal Group.
Female WaterFemale Water Female Water Pig
Pig is Water
Pig contains Male Water. Female Water (Property Star) and Male Water (Windfall Star) came together strongly. This cycle made Michael real rich. He should begin to build his wealth from here. Female Water and Male Earth have an Attraction Relationship into Fire. However, this relationship is fake, because Water Pig under Female Water is holding it to prevent from turning into Fire group. This means some negative news about Michael will bring up on the table, but it won't impact his wealth.

In 1982, he released the album Thriller and sold 109 million copies. In 1983, he became Pepsi Cola spokesperson. 1984, he received Ronald Reagan President award for his charities and won eight Grammy awards. In 1985, 'We Are the World' single early 20 million copies was sold. After learning from Paul McCartney, he purchased music catalog for $47.5 million. In 1986, he filmed Captain EO, purchased $17 million Neverland and built an amusement park with animals. He released Bad album in 1987. 1987-1989 Bad World Tour performed 123 concerts for $4.4 million people, grossed him $125 million.

During mid-1980, Michael was diagnosed sensitive to sunlight, he went for a treatment to have lighter skin and facial cosmetic surgery.

Male WoodMale Wood Male Wooden Rat
Rat is Water
Wood represents pressure, career, lawsuit. Water stands for money to Michael. Rat and Monkey in the Birth Chart have an Attraction Relationship into Water. Therefore the money luck continues to come.

In 1991, Michael had $65 million contract with Sony and released the album Dangerous. His Black Or White music video was criticized because of some violent scenes. During the 1992-1993 Dangerous World Tour, Michael performed 67 concerts to 3.5 million people. HBO paid broadcast rights for $20 million. In 1995 he dealt with Sony with 50% ownership of his  musical catalog and earned $95 million. He also released the double album HIStory, and during the 1996-1997 HIStory World Tour, Michael performed 82 concerts for 4.5 million people. Michael's 1996 income was estimated $35 million and 1997 income was $20 million.

He founded the Heal the World Foundation in 1992 and visited several countries in Africa, was crowned King Sani. In 1993 , Michael was accused of child sexual abuse by a 13-year-old boy. The stress forced him taking sedative and painkillers, then became addicted to the drugs. He then paid $22 million to settle the civil lawsuit. In May 1994, Michael married Lisa Marie Presley, but the marriage broke up 19 months later. In 1996, he married Debbie Rowe and divorced in 1999. They had a son and daughter during the marriage. Up until 2000, Jackson was involved 39 charities.

Female WoodFemale Wood Female Wooden Cow
Cow is Earth
Wood implies pressure, career or lawsuit and Cow is Earth, which is related to money loss. Female Wood and Male Metal in the Birth Chart have an Attraction Relationship into Metal. That means any trouble on Michael will make him more famous, but he still has to suffer the stress. Cow is the last animal in the Water cycle. So his income will decrease gradually. Cow mainly contains Female Earth, some Water and few Metal. Female Earth is money contender. So his friends, relatives and/or business partners will come to share or steal for his wealth.

In 2001, Michael released the album Invincible, but from lack of promotion and a dispute with Sony it did not sell well.

Michael's third child was born in 2002. Michael was arrested on charges of child molestation and Neverland ranch was searched in 2003. The child molestation trial began in 2005 and continued for five months until he was acquitted on all counts.

In 2006, financial problems caused him to refinance the loan from bank and borrow $300 million secured by his music catalog option from Sony. Sony re-compiled Jackson's hits into a DVD in 2003 and released Visionary video singles in 2006. He still made around $75 million a year from the Sony relationship. In 2008, Sony released 'Thriller 25' for its 25th anniversary and released 'King of Pop' for Michael's 50th birthday.

To bail out the foreclosure of Neverland Ranch, Michael transferred the title with a joint venture with investment company. People estimated Michael was $300-$400 million in debt in 2009. Michael was scheduled to perform 50 concerts for 1 million people in London starting on July 12, 2009, but he died on June 25, 2009 around noon after suffering cardiac arrest.

The analysis above shows Chinese astrology can tell people's luck without the birth time, if we know which element is the lucky element. Michael's lucky elements are Water and Metal. Black is related to Water. White or Gold color are related to Metal. Wearing black or white brings him luck. Black uniform brings him wealth. White glove and socks build his image.

Fire and Earth are unlucky elements. Brown color makes him poorer. Red color brings him negative reputation. Fire is the mother element of Day Master. Red is something to provide Michael stronger physical energy and mental power. Michael should feel protection while wearing red. But on the other hand, he can get sick and needs medicine.

      The Date of Death - June 25, 2009     

Predicting people's date of death is difficult from astrology, because doctors can extend or save people's life by means of newly discovered medicines and today's medical technology. A birth chart is like a castle; if it's attacked, then the person will be hurt, get sick or even face death. According Chinese astrology, a person's life is threatened if the lucky element is attacked badly, if the five elements are totally out of balance, or if too many fighting relationships appear three or four columns of the birth chart in the same time.

Water is the first lucky element to Michael Jackson. 2009 is Earth Cow year. Cow is in the Earth group. Water is unfavorable in 2009. The second lucky element is Metal. Michael's birth chart contains very strong Metal. June 2009 is the month of Horse. Horse is in the Fire group. Horse meets Tiger and Dog in the birth chart and have a Strong Attraction Relationship into Fire. This combination of Fire is able to attack Metal in the birth chart. Fire is the mother element of Earth (Day Master). So Fire makes Earth become stronger, which is an unlucky sign in the birth chart.

Michael Jackson died around noon, which is a Male Wood Horse hour. The Male Wood has a Fighting Relationship with Male Earth Day Master and the one in the Year Column. Also, Male Wood and Male Metal in the Month Column are opposite elements. Male Metal will fight against Male Wood.

Furthermore, the current Major Cycle is Female WoodFemale Wood, which is Green Cow. The current Month is Male MetalMale Metal, which is White Horse. This combination is the Separation Relationship, this is a bad sign for a broken family relationship. The 2009 Yearly Cycle Female SoilFemale Soilis Earth Cow year. Michael's Birth Year is Male SoilMale Soil, which is Brown Dog. Unfortunately, Cow and Dog have a Hurting Relationship. All three columns in the birth chart, Major Cycle, Yearly Cycle involve Fighting, Hurting and Separation relationships. It's like an earthquake; this birth chart is shaking. This is another bad sign for people's luck.

If Michael Jackson had not died on June 25, 2009, then he still would have had a hard time for upcoming years. The next major cycle (2011 to 2020) is Female WoodMale FireFire Tiger cycle. Tiger contains Wood and Fire. So this cycle is a strong Fire, which is the unlucky element. This period is the time for medical care and money loss in investments.

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