Chinese Astrology - The Discovery of Michael Jackson Birth Time

Chinese Five Element Astrology for Michael Jackson 

  After studying all possible Chinese Astrology birth charts of August 29, 1958, we discover that Michael Jackson was born between 17:00 and 19:00 p.m.

 Michael Joseph Jackson, an American singer and songwriter
 Career: Won 22 American Music Awards, 19 Grammy Awards and held multiple Guinness World Records
 Birth Date: August 29, 1958
 Birth Time: Unknown  -  Chinese Astrology Analysis is between 17:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m.
 Birth Place: Gary, Indiana
 Died: June 25, 2009
 Michael Jackson Astrology Without Birth Hour       Michael Jackson Astrology with Birth Hour

There are many rumors about Michael Jackson's birth time from different or unknown sources. They are 7:54 a.m., 11:45 p.m., 1:30 a.m., 9:00 p.m. and 12:54 p.m. The birth hour information in Chinese astrology is related to people's old age and relationship with children. Like many people, we still have many questions about his relationship with three children. If we have correct information, then that will help us to find out which astrological birth time fits his life.

Without the birth hour, Chinese astrology still can tell us why Michael Jackson became so famous and owned so much wealth. But if you want astrology to explain why Michael died in 2009, then we do need the birth time.

Chinese Astrology is a theory of Five Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. It analyzes the Five Element relationships in the birth chart to predict people's fortune. The following is the Michael Jackson's Chinese Astrology Birth Chart without the Birth Hour.

Michael Jackson Birth Chart without birth hour

Michael Jackson was born on the Male Earth Tiger Female Metal day in the Metal Monkey month of the Earth Dog Year. The upper row of the Day Column is called Day Master and represents the person. Therefore, Female MetalMale Earth Male Earth represents Michael himself. All the animals can be converted into Five Elements. We assign the scores to them. It's easier to understand Five Elements in the birth chart this way.

The Five Element Scores without birth hour

Earth is the same type of element to Michael. Earth represents his siblings or friends. Metal is something out of Earth. Metal represents his outlook, performance, talent or reputation. Earth can conquer and win over Water. Water is related to money, property or a luxurious life. Wood can grow up from the ground. Wood represents pressure, career, restriction or lawsuit. Fire can be burnt into dust. Fire represents mother, protection or medicine. Earth is also connected to the relatives or friends around to share the same amount of money. Therefore, Earth also stands for money loss. These are derived from the basic concept of Five Element Relationship.

Because, Michael owned around $300 million in 1991. We can ascertain that Water brings money to Michael. Metal brings him fame. Wood gives him pressure. Fire can improve his energy. Earth makes him poorer. By studying his 10-Year Major Cycles, we can see the rise and fall of the entire life. 1981-1990 is the Water Pig cycle. Pig is Water. During these 10 years, strong Water flooded into his life, he couldn't stop it. Water is money to him. That should be the best 10 years in his life.

Michael's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

Female MetalFemale SoilFemale Metal 1961-1970 (Age 3-12) Female Metal Chicken
Chicken is Metal. Female Metal Chicken is the strongest Metal combination. Metal made him famous.
Male WaterFemale Water 1971-1980 (Age 13-22) Male Water Dog
Water represents money income. Dog is Earth, which is spending money. So money comes and money goes.
Female WaterFemale Water 1981-1990 (Age 23-32) Female Water Pig
 Pig is Water. Female Water Pig is the strongest Water combination. Water built him wealth.
Male WoodMale Wood 1991-2000 (Age 33-42) Male Wooden Rat
Wood represents career and lawsuit. Rat is Water. Water stands for money.
Female WoodFemale Wood 2001-2010 (Age 43-52) Female Wooden Cow
Wood represents pressure and lawsuit. Cow is Earth. Earth brought him money debt.

If Water represents Money income to Michael, then his Day Master Female MetalMale EarthMale Earth in the birth chart must be stronger than Metal and Water. When we fight with money, if we are stronger than money, then we are able to win and earn money. If we are weaker than money, then we will become a slave of money. Therefore, we would like to list all the astrological birth hours on August 29, 1958 to see which birth hour makes a strong Day Master.

From the Five Element Circulating Relationship, Fire can generate more Earth and make Earth stronger. Fire is the mother/supporting element of Earth. If Earth and Fire together are stronger than Metal, Wood and Water, then we consider Day Master Earth is strong and able to overcome the pressure from money.

Michael Jackson Birth Chart without birth hour
Dog is Earth; Monkey is Metal; Tiger is Wood

The Birth Chart of Michael Jackson must contain more Fire and Earth to make Day Master Female MetalMale EarthMale Earth strong. So the lucky elements will be stronger than Water and Metal. Now, we want to look for Hourly Cycles contain Fire and Earth.

Birth Time Hour Column Stem and Branches Strong or Weak Day Master
00-01 Male WaterFemale Water Water Rat; Rat is Water Strong Water in Hour and Strong Metal in Month make Day Master weak. He should be in debt during 1981-1990.
01-03 Female WaterFemale Water Water Cow; Cow is Earth Day Master is a little bit weak. He couldn't earn up to $300 million in 1991
03-05 Male WoodMale Wood Wooden Tiger; Tiger is Wood Strong Wood in Hour and Strong Metal in Month make him weak and sick. He will encounter money, career, and/or health troubles all the time.
05-07 Female WoodFemale Wood Wooden Rabbit; Rabbit is Wood Strong Wood and Metal make Day Master weak. He might have had some pressure, money, and/or lawsuit issues here.
07-09 Male FireMale Fire Fire Dragon; Dragon is Earth Fire and Earth make Day Master strong. Male Wood is his Son Star. The birth chart shows two children.
09-11 Female FireFemale Fire Fire Snake; Snake is Fire Fire in Hour makes Day Master strong.
11-13 Male SoilMale Soil Earth Horse; Horse is Fire Horse and Tiger in Day and Dog in Year have an Attraction Relationship into Fire. Earth is also very strong.
13-15 Female SoilFemale Soil Earth Sheep; Sheep is Earth Fire and Earth make Day Master strong. He shouldn't have more than two children, because the birth chart is dry.
15-17 Male Metal Metal Monkey; Monkey is Metal Day Master Earth is weak, because the Metal in Hour and Month are too strong.
17-19 Female MetalFemale SoilFemale Metal Metal Chicken; Chicken is Metal Chicken, Monkey and Dog have an Attraction Relationship into Metal. Dog will go to the Metal side. The Day Master becomes Extremely Weak.
19-21 Male WaterFemale Water Water Dog; Dog is Earth Day Master is a little bit weak. Because it's not strong enough, he needs to work hard for money. That means he couldn't earn ton of millions in his life.
21-23 Female WaterFemale Water Water Pig; Pig is Water The strong Water in Hour with strong Metal in Month make Day Master weak, which made him poor during 1981-1990.
23-24 Male WoodMale Wood Wooden Rat; Rat is Water Wood and Water make Day Master weak. Career and money becomes pressure to him.

There are four Strong Day Master cases and one Extremely Weak Day Master case. We include Extremely Weak Day Master case, because the lucky Element of Extremely Weak case is the same to the Strong Day Master case. 

Hour Column Stem and Branches Astrology Sign
Male FireMale Fire Male Fire Dragon; Dragon is Earth Male Metal in the Month Column is afraid of Male Fire. With Male Fire, Michael shouldn't be so talented to perform that well on the stage. All elements and animals in the birth chart are male. Michael should have very masculine personality. But he spoke softly. Male Wood is his Son Star. Chinese astrology guesses he had two sons.
Female FireFemale Fire Female Fire Snake; Snake is Fire Snake, Tiger and Monkey are bad combination (Hurting Relationship) for people relationships, which won't make him famous.
Male SoilMale Soil Male Earth Horse; Horse is Fire The Tiger, Day and Horse Attraction Relationship generate very strong Earth. He should have dictator-like personality and probably die in the Wooden Rat Major Cycle.
Female SoilFemale Soil Female Earth Sheep; Sheep is Earth The strong Earth creates strong personality, but Michael sometimes looked fragile on the inside. Also, he probably will be broke during Wooden Rat Major Cycle (1991-2000), because Female Earth and Male Wood in the Major Cycle have an Attraction Relationship into Earth. Earth is money debt. His Birth chart is too dry, he shouldn't have too many children.
Female MetalFemale SoilFemale Metal Metal Chicken; Chicken is Metal Because the Day Master is Extremely Weak, Michael doesn't have a strong personality. Sometimes, he shows stubbornness, which is from the explosion of his emotions. That power comes from strong Metal. Wood is the Son Star. Only one Son Star hides inside Tiger. Also Tiger is next to strong Metal. He shouldn't have more than one son.

From the Chinese astrology analysis above, the possible birth hour of Michael Jackson are Dragon Hour and Chicken Hour. It looks that the correct time will be determined by the number of children. Without children information, we want to go for Chicken Hour because of the personality. The Chicken Hour is from 17:00 to 19:00 p.m. We did a complete Chinese astrology reading for Michael Jackson to see how well Chicken Hour fits his life in the following link:

Complete Chinese Horoscope for Michael Jackson with Birth Time

      Additional Information   

Latest news about Michael Jackson birth time after his death in the Internet, "The controversy over Michael Jackson's correct birth-time may have finally been resolved, by new information from Vedic astrologer Chakrapani Ullal, who claims he consulted with Mr. Jackson back in the late 80's. The time of birth given by Michael to his astrologer was 7:33 PM"

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