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The Chinese Fortune Calendar website has been providing free Chinese astrology since 1999. Our astrology tells people about their Lucky Element by selecting the smallest five element scores. Also, you can have your Life Balance Chart free from your 10-year major cycles.

However, it is not so easy to find the Lucky Element using only the Scoring Method. In 2002, we released the Chinese Fortune Angel Basic software using the Scoring Method, Cold and Hot Theory, Foe and Friend Theory, Disease and Medicine Theory, Bottleneck Theory and Category Style Method to determine the Lucky Elements and Lucky Animals. It also includes Yearly Life Balance Chart, Love Match for multiple persons, Personality Chart, Money and Career Opportunity Charts and Dating Tools for people want to know about their fortune.

In 2004, we released Chinese Fortune Angel Premium Version. This astrology includes a complete second set of Chinese astrology using Strong and Weak method. This set takes care some of the special cases that were unable to be handled in the Scoring Method of Chinese Fortune Angel Basic Version. That means you have two different Chinese fortunetellers inside the software.

For people interested in love match or personality compatibility, you can place Chinese astrology Love Match, Feng Shui Match, and Western Horoscope Match together to find the best match. Plus, the Cycle of Love can tell when the dating or marriage is lucky for you.

All the components from the Basic Version are improved by the inputs of Angel users. Many new features are added. It's a great tool for people interested in learning Chinese astrology, Five Elements, dating, marriage and Chinese Medicine application.

  Chinese Fortune Angel Basic Chinese Fortune Angel Premium
Welcome Menu  Not Available Daily, monthly, yearly Five Element charts & messages
Cycles of Love  Not Available The Luck of Love from major, yearly and monthly cycles
Feng Shui Match  Not Available Chinese Feng Shui Match and auspicious directions
Zodiac Match  Not Available Western Zodiac Matching Scores
2nd Astrology  Not Available Second Chinese Astrology using 10-God Birth Chart
Test Lucky Element  Not Available Verify Lucky Element by the strength of Day Master
Learning Astrology Not Available Learn astrology prediction tricks from masters
True Solar Time Not Available Adjust birth time using the equation of time
Prediction Messages Not Available Cycle event prediction messages from all components
New Symbols Not Available New 12 Life Stage Symbols in 10-God Birth chart
Find Lucky Element Determine Lucky Element in the birth chart Add Years-to-come Cycle Chart and Event Message
Life Balance Chart  Shows the Rise and Fall Life Balance Chart Extend cycle up to 100 year and add Event Message
Opportunity Chart  Money, Career & Fame in Opportunities Chart More messages and break the yearly chart into two parts
Personality Chart  Analyzes person's personality by Five Elements Yearly Pie Chart show first half or second half years
Fast Love Match  Love and Personality Compatibility Test Add Feng Shui Compatibility Match
Dating Tools  Multiple Love Matches with persons in database Combine Feng Shui and Western Zodiac matches
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